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    Looking For People to Play with. Infinity, Or Unhinged Preferably

    I am 16 and looking for some friends to play Infinity Evolved, Unhinged, Or possibly some older packs like Monster or Tech World. add me on skype @ crazy.longhorn22
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    Looking for Staff │DW20│Established Community│Upcoming Server│

    Hey, i am looking for seasoned staff for my Feed The Beast DW20 Server that is not built yet.. to apply for staff send me an application here UPDATE: we also have a Unleashed Server but we are looking to expand.
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    Unleashed Server Finished.. Now looking for Mods & Assistants

    Hello i am the owner of Shadow Unleashed.. more info here As the topic says we need Staff... The Application URL is in the more info here link.. be sure to click it .
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    Server Ideas needed

    I run a FTB unleashed server with a market, player shops, minimal banned items thanks to BedCraftGP, I have minimal staff to ensure no abuse takes place, I have a nice spawn reasonable rules a no lag server and a good website and angood subdomain il and a ts3 server and in-game advertising...
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    Unleashed Server... Recent Map Reset and BOP

    Anyways the reason im posting here is id love to have more people to hop on and record on the server. I believe everyone that will be recording on it so far is all 15+ and have even the lowest number of subscribers so theres no real requirements... But note the server is not whitelisted and is...
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    Searching for Staff │For Unleashed Server│

    Hello!, i am the owner of Shadow Unleashed and i am looking for some dedicated staff to help me with the further continuation of my server.. :) NOTE the servers spawn is already done as well as player shops, market, banned items using ComputerCraft Also note in this forum i am looking for...
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    Casual Server Unleashed 1.1.7 │ Survival │ Economy │Donations │ Mature Small Community

    The Server is Fairly New with around 10-13 Average Players We are hoping to expand the community and we ask that you join and try us out.. Here are the rules, and what you need to do to join. Rules Have respect for everyone! We are a friendly community. Don't do anything you know will break...
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    Open Server Feed The Beast │Unleashed v1.1.7│Open|Survival│Economy│Mature Community

    WE NEED STAFF APPLY Click Here --> Application Project Closed !!! Post your Opinion in the comments below for Reward in-game... Notify the Admins With either a support ticket or post a request on the forums at Welcome Everyone to Shadow Unleashed...
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    Casual Server ShadowFTB [Survival] [Economy] [Grief-Prevention]- looking for players :D

    ShadowFTB A Small Community With Non-Abusive Staff And respectful players and Donations IP: Pro-Hosted Unleashed 1.1.7 Enable All The Mods Rules -No Spamming/caps/Racism -Do Not Swear Excessivly -Respect All Players And Staff - Absolutely no Advertising - Donate if you...
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    Open Server ShadowFTB [Unleashed 1.1.7] [Survival] [Economy] [GriefPrevention] [Donations] [Open] [MCPC+] [TS3]

    ShadowFTB Unleashed, Survival, Economy, Donations, Mature-Community Ip: Ive added a Player Shops and Plots Area as well as a New Updated Spawn I Hope to be seeing new players on soon :D website: Only 1 Staff Member besides the...