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    Bamb Fails @ - Mod Packs -

    New Day, another Episode , behold Episode 2 of Resurrection , where we do something in Minecraft that's unheard of .... MINING !
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    Bamb Fails @ - Mod Packs -

    What's Up guys, Bamb here , and I'm finally diving back into modpacks after not playing since 1.5. To kick it off I take a deja` Vu trip into FTB Ressurrection , Enjoy !
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    [1.6.4] Material Energy^3 [JamPacked] [HQM] [CTM] [Beta]

    I like the concept , I'm going to give it a test run on stream next week to test and I cant wait o/
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    "whats up guys, welcome to the molecast! "

    "whats up guys, welcome to the molecast! "
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    Upcoming Mod Packs

    can't wait, now that FTB is moving towards 1.6 i can begin work on my Third party pack
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    Why no new launcher.

    *sigh* longer wait , guess thats fine
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    TickThreading - concurrent entity/tile entity ticks and other optimisations

    How would this work on a server running through multicraft?
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    [MC 1.6.4] Utopia³ Server

    Brilliant ! damnedsky , had to be the first one didn't ya ? XDOh and would you mind Supplying a config pack atleast?
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    [1.5 and up]StellarCraft- Most of the FTB Mods (AND TE3!) on 1.6.4/1.5.2!

    Project Red by chicken bones is now out, which is an amazing replacement for RedPower
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    Bambiiable's Block^2 Modded Stream World ! EveryDay !

    Whats up everybody, this is Bambiiable , WELCOME TO THE MOLECAST Hey Everybody my name is Bambiiable , I stream everyday at 4pm PST , playing a custom mod Pack based around the FTB and ForgeCraft mod packs that i fondly call Block^2. Check me out at , be sure to...
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    Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

    I had the pleasure of beta testing this pack... It's hell on earth . though I found a way to feel safe , making Eyamaz scratch his head :)
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    JVM Arguments for Modded Minecraft (Updated 12/30/13)

    No I happened to see your twitter post instead hahah
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    JVM Arguments for Modded Minecraft (Updated 12/30/13)

    *Kisses the Man * I Love you No Homo... just a little lol thank you so much
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    Casual Server FTB Ultimate "TheBeastFeedsYou" (WhiteList)(1.1.2) (Youtubers)(Builders) Start A Small Community!

    MC Username: Bambiiable Age: 18 Where are you From?: California! why do you want to join us?: I want a modded server that I can stream on :p How much do you play?: Everyother day probably, What Mod Are you good at?: Applied Energistics and Forestry Picture of a build ...
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    Whitelist Server KappaCraft|Ultimate|Whitelist|Mining Age|

    IGN: Bambiiable Age: 18 Country: Usa Have you ever been banned from a server before?: (if so how?) Nooooope Experience with mods?: FTB , Watching Matt and you guys stream XD Will you use TS If we get one?: Hell yeah! Do you know someone on our server? (if so, who?):ummmm Ilord, AK, Matt, Kaos...
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    Feed The Mole!

    Episode #4 is up, here we work on our first Oil Pump/ Refinery!
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    Feed The Mole!

    Episode #3 of Feed The Mole ! I Get my automatic wheat farm up in running with more complications as always
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    Feed The Mole!

    Episode # 2 of Feed the Mole is out ! we get our Water mills up and upgrade the Macerator
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    Feed The Mole!

    Whats up guys ! Bambiiable here and I'm officially starting my FTB single player let's play which I've dubbed Feed The Mole(Because I'm known as The Mole haha) I'm pretty new to these mods but I'm learning and feed back is always appreciated. I'm gonna post each new episode up here but also...
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    Learning Feed The Beast with Xisuma

    All My favorite youtubers playing FTB , i am happy Mole hhahah