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    1.6 end game power

    So in any of the packs now days what is the latest fad for endgame power? Do you add any mods to help out? Are mods like gas craft, biggerreactors, rotatrycraft, mekanim, etc the way to go now days? Steam boiler to TE steam engines? How are you storing power? TE? Enderio? Do you go entirely EU...
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    Early game power for quarry

    What strategies do you all use for early game power and how do you get it to your quarry in 1.6.4
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    Is there a 1.6 modpack comparison?

    Been away for a they have a spreadsheet with the mudpack comparisons? Are the 1.6 modpacks using the universal configs? Is horizons meant to be the new ultimate/unleashed mudpack or are there still plans for that? Anything in the 1.6 packs that's missing from the 1.5 packs that you...
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    Favorite way to start MJ

    So what is your favorite way to start and sustain MJ power? I usually start with some crappy sterling engines until I can be a tree farm and fermenter for biomass from saplings, I then use biogas to power things until I can get my solid fueled boilers from sawmills + planks going...from there...
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    How to get rid of evil node?

    What's the best way to get rid of evil thaumcraft node? I have done zero thaumcraft stuff yet and tere are wisps constantly everywhere and lighting during the day and giant angry zombies!
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    mining age with no mobs

    what's the mystcraft symbol combo that gives you no hostiles? is it mushroom biome or mushroom island or lots of mushrooms? seems like mushroom biome is twilight forest so maybe that's okay?
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    why is this mystcraft age unstable?

    Single Biome Void Full Length, Sun Full Length, Moon Red, Skycolor No Weather Normal Lighting Normal Stars Clear Modifiers
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    divinerpg/rpg immersion pack nether...

    What kind of stuff do you need to have before you go into the nether? Seems like those hellfires and scorchers are quite a bit tough...pretty much one shot you and have 100-300 life.
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    What's up with ars magica?

    He has it listed that it's allowed to be a part of the direwolf20 pack and one other soon...anyone heard about this? Will it be ultimate or magicworld?...
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    biomes o plenty vs extrabiomes xl

    GO... Do any of you use BOTH of these? Do any of you prefer one over the other? Have you found any caveats to either? I currently have ExtraBiomes XL with underground biomes, but was thinking of removing them both and putting in biomes'o'plenty bc they look nicer....
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    Your Ideal Ultimate Pack Additions/Modifications

    What mods will you be adding to or like to see added to the ultimate pack? I'm trying to get a good list of mods that are well supported and play well in SMP to add to our private server when ultimate pack comes out...I was thinking mods that add nifty machines, or things to fight. So far i've...
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    Soul crystal

    Does anyone know how to use the soul crystal block? In direwolf smp they talked about other blocks that interacted with it to do things like combine souls from soul shards but I'm unsure how or what they are u less its not in this build yet (but the soul crystal shows up)
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    Adding Logistics pipes

    I heard slowpoke will not add this bc of the mod author being different now etc (I wish he would ask the original permission to use the unofficial..) but has anyone had any issues adding this to mindcrack or direwolf? I know applied energetics is awesome and all that, just wondering if anyone...
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    diamond torch things

    What are the name of these things? The ones that repel mobs? I'm having a brain fart.
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    Forestry 2.0-why?

    With no renewable fertilizer what reasons are you using forestry 2.0 farms for? Wouldn't it be easier to set up a Steve cart farm for instance for things like wheat to ensure you have a 100% renewable supply without havin to worry about mining appetite? Obviously there are some forestry...
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    Liquid vs solid boiler

    What's your opinion? I finally got my solids up and workig from a Steve's cart tree Farm, but I'm not sure how the liquid one works now with producing biofuel from saplings and apples. Can you pump biofuel in with a liquidity from A tank? What are the challenges with automating the...
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    multimeter redstone energy conduit network saturation?

    Does anyone have a better explanation of what this means? I'm trying to figure out how much MJ is flowing through my conduit, and/or if there is a max amount that can be transfered through a conduit. Another issue, is I have a redstone energy...
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    Using Steve cart tree farm for boiler

    What are the methods for using this as a fuel for low or high pressure boiler? Do you use charcoal from logs or planks or what? Right now I have a 3x peat farm powering a 36lp boiler with stacks and stacks of extra peat, and I have a very small Steve cart tree farm with nothing being done with...
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    what's default mass fab rate (gregtech changes)

    is it 1000000 or 41667?. In the default gregtech is says 16666666 or something.nevermind, i see Regular Mass Fabricator rate=1666666(just remove a 6) says is the default...i was confused because someone's "easy" gregtech had some totalyl different number.
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    Starting the Bees

    Does anyone have any good videos that they started out with or guides? I know pretty much zero about bees and would like to start this project soon, but no idea where to begin or what's even possible. I'm not sure what mechanics Extra bees adds or changes either.