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    I have the same behavior but I have not taken the time To troubleshoot it.
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    What is the best FTB modpack for me?

    Where is minecraft 2 where things are optimized and multithreaded properly and a mod API exists? Notch! You could get another 20 mil! Lets do it! Hehe
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    1.6 end game power

    So what's the deal with the jungle tree? It's just a single tree? No upgrades in harvester and planter? Does it produce more wood than 25x25 of oak trees? Is it better to use boilers to send steam to dymos or use planks directly in dynamos?
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    1.6 end game power

    So in any of the packs now days what is the latest fad for endgame power? Do you add any mods to help out? Are mods like gas craft, biggerreactors, rotatrycraft, mekanim, etc the way to go now days? Steam boiler to TE steam engines? How are you storing power? TE? Enderio? Do you go entirely EU...
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    Early game power for quarry

    Very nice. I like it
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    Early game power for quarry

    What strategies do you all use for early game power and how do you get it to your quarry in 1.6.4
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    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    Is there a mod that adds simple blocks of solid colors? Ex: all black, all white, etc...these looks funny when combined (ie black makes a huge void) but they have their uses....I made such a mod back in 1.4.7 but I am much too unmotivated at this time to update it as I was never that great at...
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    making a MONSTER out of Monster

    There have been a few updates for mariculture. YOu could try manually adding it...I believe one of the fixes was an insane tick.
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    Should modpacks have a mod limit?

    I can relate to this...the problem I run into is, there are so many cool mods...but to be able to do anything you have to have your browser open to 67 different minecraft forums posts reading how to use their mod...I wish there was a universal wiki for minecraft mods..
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    making a MONSTER out of Monster

    here's mine...and that's with several base monster mods disabled such as morph, meteors...
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    FTB Monster mod pack listed - What do you think?

    I see the pack on the launcher...speaking of Which anyone heard how the new launcher is coming along besides last news post?
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    Is there a 1.6 modpack comparison?

    Alright. I read them already but I didn't see anything about a comparison yet. I see...I guess monster will be a while? Did Xycraft disappear?
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    Is there a 1.6 modpack comparison?

    Been away for a they have a spreadsheet with the mudpack comparisons? Are the 1.6 modpacks using the universal configs? Is horizons meant to be the new ultimate/unleashed mudpack or are there still plans for that? Anything in the 1.6 packs that's missing from the 1.5 packs that you...
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    Favorite way to start MJ

    Deployer milking cow to biogas? Can we still do this some othe way in 1.5 without red power?
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    Favorite way to start MJ

    So what is your favorite way to start and sustain MJ power? I usually start with some crappy sterling engines until I can be a tree farm and fermenter for biomass from saplings, I then use biogas to power things until I can get my solid fueled boilers from sawmills + planks going...from there...
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    DivineRPG and Ultimate...

    Add command line parm in the launcher to increase permgen for java You can make it work. I have 200 mods in my pack based off ultimate and divine rpg is one of them
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    Ultimate update changes, No config?

    SOLUTION: Download a mod called CustomStuff2 Use the easy text files to make your own recipies. (or remake the old ones). Works great. You can make blocks, smelting recipies etc. When making items from another mod you just simply use the id currently assigned.
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    4x4x4 6-directional frame drive

    On my 7th or 8th try of making this thing...has to be the most frustrating thing in the world trying to figure out the motor placement, even with the video. I get all excited and one direciton doesn't work, lol. Thanks for the design though. Once I get it working, it should be good.
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    Automatic Server Backup?

    Forgebackup works great and highly configurable. I'd suggest setting the # of backups to keep (otherwise it keeps them all...)
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    Any Alternatives to using RP2 Deployers/breakers?

    What are the steps to make industrial fertilizer for mfr?