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    1.10 Magic Mods

    Well there are of course the obvious Botania, Blood Magic Ars Magica 2 (recently revived). Roots and Embers are two newer ones that are gaining popularity as well. An apparently less-known one that I'm interested in is Astral Sorcery, so I'd recommend trying that out too. That's all, I'd...
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    Are there any good 64 and 128bit texture packs...

    +1 for this, I like Fanver, but it would be nice to alt textures to customise it with. :)
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    rhn's continued adventures: a build journal, guide collection etc.

    Faithful makes sense. :) And I was just using Embers as an example mod that's causing problems in my case, of course there are different outliers in 1.7, but they're there. :) (Chisel is actually a good example, as I've never encountered a texture pack that covers it) does faithful have textures...
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    rhn's continued adventures: a build journal, guide collection etc.

    As is often the case, checking out your latest adventures gives me the desire to play MC again. Your builds are fantastic. :) I was just wondering, how do you handle mods that aren't supported by Soartex? I want to use it for my current project, but there are a few notable magic mods such as...
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    Community Tech Gaming's Showcase!

    I'm afraid your image links are broken. Looks like something might have gone funky with the img tags. :)
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    Normal Maps for JSTR -- Shaders

    Probably the shader he's using. Some of them go significantly being simply a shader these days. All sorts of awesome stuff.
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    32x [32x] JohnSmith Technician's Remix

    I'm not sure if it's an issue with my install, but for me the John Smith texture pack seems to ignore grass colour in most if not all modded biomes. (In that they are all the same grass and foliage colour, that of the plains biome). If there's a way of getting it to use the colours of these...
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    FTB Infinity 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    Thaumcraft has the Paving Stone of Travel as well.
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    Pizzawolf14's attempt at a build journal!

    Ouch. o_O Of all things to kill a world... Well, I'll avoid getting on first-name terms with any rotten flesh in the future. :p Sorry you lost your world man :(
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    Silverwood Saplings in Twilight forest?

    I have no idea about Technic, but by default I see greatwoods and silverwoods in Twilight Forest. Easiest way to be sure is make a test world and fly around TW in creative. They spawn fairly often, so you shouldn't have to go too far. Edit: I read it as the trees, rather than the saplings. My...
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    Pizzawolf14's attempt at a build journal!

    Nice start! Looks like you got an interesting world. What's that orange region in the map? It looks like red rock or mesa, but looks very low-lying for that, looks pretty cool. :) Theme suggestions. Hmm. Well you have Rotarycraft you say? Not many people do build journals with Rotarycraft that...
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    A Railcraft Thread

    Sorry to be off-topic (somewhat) but this post summarizes really well my opposition to "efficiency" in games like Minecraft. I take my hat off to you sir. :P
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    32x [32x] JohnSmith Technician's Remix

    A merge would be wonderful. I know I'll already be hunting down some textures to add to the pack in any case (particularly for poplar leaves from Highlands mod, and Cypress leaves from Extrabiomes) Regardless, so far loving the texture pack. Best I've ever used, and it's the only pack that has...
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    rhn's continued adventures: a build journal, guide collection etc.

    My foil to your humility would be that I might be able to build stuff that looks alright (some of the time at least) but that thing you've made there is far more technically advanced than anything I've ever made. :P We all have our skills :)
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    Curiouskey's FTB Infinity World Journal

    Cheers man glad you're enjoying it. :) I have some ambitious plans for the tower, hopefully I have the skills to make those plans a reality. :P
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    Entrance to the nether

    Nice work! :) I'm with glepet here, pure architecture can be really cool, sometimes too much tech in one place looks a mess. And your build looks really interesting. :)
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    Curiouskey's FTB Infinity World Journal

    Yup, I fear I'm becoming a little obsessed. :P
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    Curiouskey's FTB Infinity World Journal

    Guess who's back! Sorry for the hiatus guys, life stuff got in the way for a while, but I'm back now. :) @Master_Builder_800 Don't worry the project hasn't stopped, I was just very busy for a while. :) Update #9: Got to work on the tower itself, built the basic structure of the walls and did...
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    How much lag can microblocks cause?

    It's not that my machine is bad, it's just not cutting edge anymore. I'm running an i5 rather than an i7, and minecraft actually runs worse on my computer than modern AAA titles. :P I was getting a solid 100-120 fps in 1.6, which was halved when I moved to 1.7. And the challenge is mostly...