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    Whitelist Server (Closed for maintenance) The Dark Trilogy(1.7.10)|No banned items|Small Community|

    This server is a white-listed server. It is highly recommended that you install the Fast-Craft mod. Download: / There are no banned items so any player can have the best experience...
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    Casual Server Looking for two more players|Dedicated server|Parties

    MUST BE ABLE TO TALK AND BE AT LEAST 15 YEARS OLD. I'm looking for 5 more players to play Agrarian Skies (Latest version) with me. There will be two parties 3 players on each team. No reason as to why.. Just thought it would be fun. Rules No uber laggy machines or automated ore stuff. Keep it...
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    Whitelist Server SilverCrest DW20 Server|Whitelist|No Banned Items| Small community|

    Appologies to any new applicants. The server is Currently Full. Like out of player slots full. If space frees up then yano.. But until then, No more applicants will be accepted WARNING: If new whitelisted people aren't seen on the server after the initial whitelist they will be removed (Once...