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    [1.6.4] TPPI (Test Pack Please Ignore) - Reddit Pack - Public Beta

    Don't get me wrong - no kind of offense was meant to be done. I simply did not understand your way to argue, nothing more and nothing less. Also, I like the recipe you've given JABBA's Barrels, should be a general config option lol ( and IMO the Name "Better Barrel" is indeed justified due to...
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    [1.6.4] TPPI (Test Pack Please Ignore) - Reddit Pack - Public Beta

    Wait... what? Okay.. You have Railcraft's Chunkloaders and you still add in Dimensional Anchors wich basically do the same. Despite the size, there is no real benefit in using them. However you basically added something that is already in. You have Forge Multiparts (via Project:Red & TE3) and...
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    Unsupported Direwolf 20: 1.6.4 {PUBLIC BETA}

    The problem can occure if at least one piece of cabling within the whole network is not loaded. I suggest loading anything of the network (not just the controller and the subnetwork alone) by one single Chunkloader if possible. If that does not solve the problem, try the Railcraft ones instead...
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    Which configs to mess with when starting a new world?

    Well.. as long as you setup a server xD for sp it is fine as it is with mystcraft :) just disable the nasty stuff from BoP like poison pools, posion ivy, quicksand in the /biomesoplenty/terraingen.cfg ~no Signatur available~
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    Which configs to mess with when starting a new world?

    If Mystcraft is installed, disable the recipe for the book binder to prevent people from creating tons of ages and having multiple ages at once loaded (strong server required thatfor). ~no Signatur available~
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    PSA: MCPC+ and Modded Minecraft

    TE3 Strongboxes.. Shift+Rightclick with a Vajra(if GraviSuits is added) to silktouch them. They will drop anything they have on the ground. Or if DartCraft is installed: You can pick them up with a ForceWrench at the moment. So not that safe from Griefing. Warded Doors.. will break after 255...
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    Enchanting Plus Successor - Suggestion Thread

    Well I have seen some pretty nice ideas here, let me combine them and introducing something 'new': /enchantmode easy (with OP rights/singleplayer) Current System. Just Choose What you want basically making it non-random. /enchantmode hard (with OP rights/singleplayer) You have to...
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    Universal Electricity vs IC2 pros & cons

    Give this man a cookie! Anyways, if you compare it to overclocked IC2 machines (8-16OC) nearly everything is better in terms of ressources. Even Vanilla hoppes or the ME Controller (at least for smaller networks) i guess. You can optimize code, but you can't indefinitely. Most performance lacks...
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    [Official] We Need Your Help - Launcher Ideas

    Sometimes you need to do some votes. I think an option integrated in the launcher would be fine. What I'd really like to see aswell, would be an improved Texture Pack section with previews maybe with buildt-in YT video player if the RP-Author decides to do one. Also, an option do specify a...
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    More news about FTB's Future. (Important announcement)

    Well, the idea behind this is fine for me. Money is needed. You have server costs for the page, spent and spend a lot of time and effort to make these awesome things possible. FTB Modpacks are fairly one of the best modpacks I've ever seen in most of the games, maybe just behind HL2's Garry's...