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    Botania question

    Do Entorpinnyums (The flower that turns tnt into mana) work with overgrowth seeds? I know that the overgrowth seeds doubles the flowers output but the way that I think Entorpinnyums work (or at least used to) is that when a tnt explosion happens it then fills the mana buffer. So does anyone know...
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    Can not play on any world

    Title: Can not play on any world Launcher Version: latest curse voice Modpack: FTB Infinity Modpack Version: 1.9.0 Log Link: Details of the issue: When ever I try to create up a single player world the game goes to the main menu and does nothing else and nothing...
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    Crash on modified Infinity pack

    Title: Crash on modified Infinity pack Launcher Version: Latest Curse voice Modpack: Infinity Modpack Version: 1.9.0 Log Link: Details of the issue: I am only posting here because I am stumped on what mods are the problem. I have done quite a bit of googleing on this...
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    Drop of luck

    I am have major trouble trying to create a drop of luck, I have tried everything i could think of however the refined evil and mutandis extremis refuse to go into the withes cauldron. I have a toad familar with a coven witch and the witches cauldron is 2 blocks away from a 8040 power altar
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    Bug Witches cauldron help

    I have been trying to create several things in witchery including the infernal chalk and the drop of luck. However I have been unable to create either. The cauldron doesn't seem to be accepting the refiend evil or the mutandis extremis for the drop of luck and will not give me the infernal...
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    lightly modified Infinity server crash

    I am working on making a server so that my world can run when im not on minecraft. However it is crashing and it looks like a problem with one of the mods. I think that I removed all of the client only mods. <--- Crash report. Thanks in advance for any help anyone gives
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    Minecraft crash on start up

    Title: Minecraft crash on start up Launcher Version: Curse Modpack: Infinity Modpack Version: -1 of current Log Link: Details of the issue: Crash on startup, pretty sure Fakeplayer tablet (forgot actual name) is the issue need help to fix it
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    Machine Sounds

    Does anyone know how to shut off machine sounds for the Ender IO and Thermal expansion machines? I have done some looking into the configs and found little. Please help they are getting quite annoying.
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    /cofh killall command blacklist

    Is there a way to blacklist mobs from the /cofh killall command blacklist? I want to make a witch reactor for Blood Magic, however I use this command quite frequently and don't want to kill all my witches. I did a quick look through the cofh config file but couldn't find anything useful. If...
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    MFR harvester working really slowley

    I am trying to use a MFR Harvester as a tree farm how ever it is not working nearly as fast as I remember it did in earlier versions. It is not a power issue but more like instead of tearing apart trees it is moving at a much decreased rate. If anyone knows what could cause this I would be all ears.
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    Thermalilyies chat

    Do Thermalilyies from botania have a cool down now? I have 8 floating Thermalilyies around a floodgate with lava and they are all steaming and not producing mana. If anyone has a reason for this I would be happy to know
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    Open 1.2.0: Steve Factory Manager Crash

    Version: 1.2.0 What is the bug: Whenever I type in the White list on the Steve Factory Manager I crash to desktop. This did not happen in version 1.1.0 Mod & Version: Steve Factory Manager A93 log: Can it be repeated: Yes, For me if...
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    Server crash help if you want

    Recently i made a server for The Dark Trilogy and it is crashing. Help is greatly appreciated if you can. Thanks Crash:
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    Misc Crashes

    I am planning to start a LP with my sister playing The Dark Trilogy however I would like to add MC heli and Custom NPC's to it however I am crashing when I add the mods. I don't have any conspect of crash reports so if someone knows how to read them and tell me if there is something like a block...
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    Steve Factory Manager programming help

    I am very basic in Steve Factory Manager however I would like to automate the growing of Certus seeds from AE 2. I have it completely set up except for the growth accelerators. I am having trouble finding a way to when there are seeds in the water to turn on the toggle bus and turn it off when...
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    Crash landing unable to find a nuclear reactor

    I need help finding a nuclear reactor i have been searching for an hour for more cities though i have only found 3 none with a nuclear reactor. If any advice on where another city is the help could be appreciatedNever mind on this question i died then my clone glitched out of the world and i was...
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    Essence berry bush collection

    Does anyone have an idea to collect essence berry bushes instead of randomly runing though a cave
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    Well of Suffering not working

    I have a well of suffering 2 air blocks above my alter when ever i click on it with my greater activation cystal nothing happends my auto spawned villeragers don't die the ritual dosen't activate and none of my 10k Lp in my blood net work is drawn it is a tier 4 alter. Before you ask i have it...
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    Thermal Expansion Machines nto charging

    I have my thermal expansion machines attached to my energy cell coreectly but the machines have 0 RF, when i break the energy conduits and replace it charges completely then just stops
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    Server crash

    Minecraft server crash here is report