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    Closed energized glowstone in transfernode

    Summary of the problem energized glowstone in transfernode Pack Version What is the bug? At random i get energized glowstone in my transfernode that is connected to a endertank with lava Mod & Version Direwolf20 1.12 Link to log file Is it repeatable? i happends at random so yes...
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    Open Fusion crafting Pedestal too low tier/Ritual of draconic ressurection

    Summary of the problem Fusion crafting Pedestal too low tier Pack Version 3.0.6 What is the bug? There is no way to find out what to do when fusion crafter says Piedestal too low tier I cant find any info at all anywhere Mod & Version Draconic evolution Link to log file Draconic...
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    Open Sky factory keeps crashing

    Summary of the problem Sky factory keeps crashing Pack Version 3.0.6 What is the bug? The game keeps crashing. It crashed a couple of days ago so i fixed it with a backup. Yesterday it crashed again so i backed up again. But today it crashed a third time log file: [08:40:13] [Client...