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    Closed Cant Enchant Mesh

    Summary of the problem Cant Enchant Mesh Pack Version 3.0.0 What is the bug? Placed a fortune book and a mesh in an anvil doesnt work unless you go into creative. Im in 3.0.4 Mod & Version Link to log file Is it repeatable? Be in survival, Place any mesh in the left slot of...
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    Open 1.1.0: XP doesnt drop w/ Diamond Spikes

    Version: 1.1.0 What is the bug: Orbs wont drop when the spikes kill a mob.unsure if its a bug or intended in this pack, couldnt find anything in configs Mod & Version: log: Can it be repeated: Known Fix:
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    Open 1.4.1: Charm of Dislocation Crash

    Version: 1.4.1 What is the bug: Last night i added 2 new warp points on accident instead of add fuel. I deleted them, i crashed. Since then just right clicking the charm it opens the gui and i crash, i am NOT shift clicking. If i make a new charm the new one works Mod & Version...
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    So i was recommended to use MMC, i have a very good computer i average 100-150 FPS on most mod packs on high settings but i have an issue where randomly i have to relaunch FTB because i will drop down to ~5-10 FPS for no reason, the only fix is to relaunch it the full FTB Launcher, just...
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    Base Opinion

    Hey guys, Decided to move my base and im living under ground now. Im not the best designer so i wanted peoples opinions on how this looks. First off, im set on the white floor and black trim/door but im open to suggestion on the walls. This is the best we came up with in the pics, im not 100%...
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    Looking for dw20 server

    Figured I would post here, I've been looking in the server section with no luck. I'm looking for a 1.6.4 dw20 ftb server set on hard difficulty . If your on one that is accepting applications please let me know so I can apply
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    Biomass/Sugar cane Question

    So I've done research and this is the way I wanna go for MJ production instead of lava like I have been. Now currently Im using a multi farm that produces sugar cane for other duties but I don't see this type of farm producing enough sugar cane for biomass production. I've seen a large...
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    Hey guys, now ive looked and looked and im not 100% in a route to go here. Now ive done research on bees, ive messed around with them past few weeks but tonight i started getting serious with them. Now i know you want to have 2 pure bees to mutate them. My question tho is how to get princesses...
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    Dull shard

    Are these useful? I have about 2 stacks and can't find any recipe they are used for
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    Biofuel Question

    So ive looked and im just not grasping how to do this. I had one plan for power on my SMP world but after talking to some people that got shut down so I decided to go the Biogas/Biofuel setup. Now I plan on researching how to set this up my question is how do you charge mfe/mfsu ? I know there...
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    Generator Auto Resupply

    Hoping someone can give me an idea. I have a tree farm with a turtle so i want to power my base with generators. i got everything setup except for how to resupply the generators with charcoal. I wanted to do barrels but i cant seem to get a filter to pull from the bottom. I know i can keep a...
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    Filters/Gate issue

    So right now i have 2 different setups. One is for a sorting system, the other is for a early power setup. on my sorting setup i have enderchest>filter>diamondchest>filter>router>diamond chest. the first diamond chest has a gold pipe and a gate on the side of it, if nothing is in the chest the...
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    Barrel/Quarry system

    So I started using a program off here for my turtle (similar to excavation, but with tweaks) that I'm using for instead of a quarry, my setup was fine but now I'm running 4 turtles at once doing 100x100 holes so it looks like a big 200x200 hole. Now I'm getting so much cobble its clogging my...