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    auto tesseract redstone energy cell/conduits system (EA on demand) + more tell me what to do next

    hey guys, after seeing direwolf20 video where he said that auto tesseract making is hard a=i tryed it. here is the result: if you like the map chek me out on youtube at: and if you guys want me to help you with...
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    okay i just got into tree breeding and its epic, but i need your help. from the 1.5.x update you get more biomass how higher the sapiness is. so my question what is the tree with the highest sapiness
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    starting FTB youtuber

    hey iam a youtuber called thomboy90, or thom to make it easier. i only make a post to advertise just because it's specially for that, and i hate the big youtube advertisers myself :p is just started youtube a couple of weeks ago and love it. iam manly englis but sometimes when iam with...