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    Closed Sleeping Bag

    its not the sleeping bag, its a 1.10 vanilla bug. Bed bugs mod was added to address this, if your stuck just type /kickme and it kicks you , just log back in
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    Closed Cant Enchant Mesh

    That would make sense if the creative way wouldn't work.
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    Closed Cant Enchant Mesh

    Summary of the problem Cant Enchant Mesh Pack Version 3.0.0 What is the bug? Placed a fortune book and a mesh in an anvil doesnt work unless you go into creative. Im in 3.0.4 Mod & Version Link to log file Is it repeatable? Be in survival, Place any mesh in the left slot of...
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    Now that AE2 has a 1.10 release, do people prefer it or Refined Storage?

    i agree i like LP but even past a very basic system FPS drops dramatically. I will try refined storage, mainly because im playing on Infinity Lite and AE2 isnt in it. I have a basic system up right now and ive noticed somethings i like and others i dont.Most likley i will end up using AE2 if...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    well after doing some digging around, extra modifers were taking out of vanilla tinkers :(
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    if its looking for a machine it sounds like you made the pattern in a processing encoder not the pattern grid
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    is there a way to add 3 additional modifiers to tools with tinkers in 1.10? The notch apple was removed and nothing is mentioned in the book. I know the 2 other ways to add modifiers but i need to add 3 :/
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    i actually agree even tho i LOVE te. we have used that mod for so long and its been a staple for any mod pack but i would like to see a change. As you mentioned the great thing about going to 1.10 is for new content,why reuse old stuff? I would like to see a brand new mod or for Ender IO to...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    i love TE as much as the next guy, its my main tech mod but i learned a few versions ago you cant get attached to a mod, you never know when they will give it up. We have multiple options to choose from, Ender IO probably being the next choice with most people i just hope the mod dev will make a...
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    1.7.10 good non-endgame hammer?

    I like many people use a cobble hammer early on. Ill add a diamond to it with the rest redstone to get good speed and can mine mostly anything. Depending on the pack but if it has iguana tweeks ill change out the 2 plates and handle for ardite for durability and add more modifiers to get more...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    if anyone is playing this pack and wondering the same thing look up a block called the Auto-Caster, it does exactly what i wanted, its alot faster fully augments and doesnt kill your FPS like my old setup lol
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    im playing the Project Ozone 2 pack and it has the ability to craft creative portable tanks and also have project E.So im using liquid bedrockium for EMC but im not crafting it quick enough. Some of the items need ~45K of an item to craft a certain item and one of those items are emerald blocks...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Is there something that will make a block from liquid faster than a casting basing?
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    No Autopackager in Skyfactory 2.5

    isnt there the auto compressor from ex compressium?
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    Just wanted to throw this out there

    Even tho you didn't mention me i felt i would actually let people know why you didn't get accepted instead of the half truth/lie you gave.I never called you shady,that word isn't even mentioned in the PM. I simply said you have no activity on the forums and you put no time in the application so...
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    Whitelist Crackpack 1.1.0-Small Community

    New Server Created on 7/3/16. We don't have any banned items, no shops,economy,just your old fashioned pack the way it should be played. Auto backups every 6 hours 2 daily Auto restarts Message me this Application: Application: In game name: Age: Why do you want to join: What can you bring to...
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    Mob spawner not work

    this is incorrect, passive and hostile mobs dont count towards each other limits. regarding the OP question, you need more a bigger area to better the spawning rates You pointed out you did have mobs spawn but they didnt fall down so that means they can spawn.
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    Open 2.5.0: Bugged Interaction between Tinker's Tools + Vein Miner + Translocator gives Free Tool Levels

    Fluid conduits from Ender IO do the same thing. I know Dark was looking into it but i had to leave the stream when he started looking at it.
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    Closed 2.5.0: Can't Create Flint or Bone Tools in Tinker's Construct

    FYI even tho there wasnt an "update" it was fixed and you can now make flint tools
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    FTB Infinity Skyblock 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    blazes and wither skellys only spawn naturally in fortresses. He probably took the seed of his world to a non skyblock pack and found a fortress and built the spawning pads at those cords in the skyblock worlds. If you dont want to do that you can put regular skellys in witch water and it will...