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    Whitelist Server NoobGamers|Infinity|1.10.1|Mature|Friendly|No Banned Items|TS3|Dedicated|24/7|PvP/PvE|UK

    Forum Name: thomboy90 Minecraft name: thomboy90 Age: 16 Country: netherlands How long have you played the modded version of minecraft? since beta 1.4 What do you like about modded minecraft?: the community everyone is trying to learn, do cool build and help eachother Have you been banned? If so...
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    Whitelist Server Infinity Casual Server | Youtube Recording| Teamspeak| PVE

    MC name: thomboy90 Age: 16 What is your modded MC experience: been playing modded mc since beta 1.4 What makes you want to join us: you seem cool crew to hang out with Why should I pick you and not some hobo off the street: i got a laptop connected to the interwebs Do you have a sense of humor...
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    Whitelist Server KoozCraft [Community-based] | [PvE] | [18+] | [Dedicated Server] | [Fresh Map]

    MC Username: thomboy90 Skype ID: thomboy901 Age (18+): nope 16 sorry Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): tech, i know allot about them. but i have a very special place in my hearth for magic mods Experience with mods: since beta 1.4 About Yourself: iam a 16 year old dutch boy. i love the help...
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    Casual Server Infinity 1.3.0 Casual Whitelist, Community Build.

    1.) Age - 16 2.) Location/Time-Zone - netherlands, gmt +1 3.) IGN - thomboy90 4.) Favorite Mod, or Mod Type (i.e. Tech/Magic/Farming) - tech, AE2 TE2. but lately iam really enjoying thaumcraft :D 5.) How often do you see yourself on this server? - allmost daily, when iam not at school or at...
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    Whitelist Server OTEGamers |FTB INFINITY - 1.4.0 | 64G RAM | TS3 | Great Community | Fast Whitelist |

    In-Game Name: thomboy90 What are you looking for in the server? to have fun, make friends. and build awsome stuff and things :P How long have you been playing Minecraft? since the alpha days, so a long while What experience do you have with Modded MC? yeah.. been playing modded mc since 1.4, my...
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    Whitelist Server Shadoscraft - Infinity - Members needed - 1.0.2

    Minecraft username: thomboy90 What you like most about minecraft: building big complicated machines. and simplfying stuff as much as possible Your specialties: tech mods. i've been playing modded mc since minecraft beta 1.4 so i know allot about them Activeness: allmost daily! Your REAL age: 16...
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    Whitelist Server Phoenix Reborn | Full Featured & Light Pack | Fast Whitelist | Professional | Friendly {UgLounge}

    Age:16 In-Game Username: thomboy90 Do you agree to the rules? I agree with all the rules
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 1.7.10 1.0.3 New Server 24/7

    1. Ign - thomboy90 2. Age - 16 3. How long you been playing - minecraft since the alpha, modded since beta 1.4 4. Favorite mod(s) - steve's factory manager, AE, thermal expansion and thaumcraft 5. How long you play daily - few hours a day, depents on the day 6. Why do you want to join a small...
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    Whitelist Server 1.7.10 Steincraft | Direwolf20 1.6.1 | Whitelist | 32 Slots | 24/7 |Plugins| Family Friendly | TS3

    1.) IGN - thomboy90 2.) Age (optional) -16 3.) How long have you been playing Minecraft - since the alpha 4.) Why do you want to join our server - to play with other people and make friends
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    Whitelist Server The Dark Trilogy 1.7.10 [Small group] [No banned items]

    hey, iam thom a 16 year old dutch boy. iam playing minecraft since the alpha and modded since beta 1.4 so i have allot of experience and iam searching for a group of people to play with! :D
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    Whitelist Server OkamiCraft|DW20 modpack| 20 tps Stable... >18, last reset(11/13/2014)

    Whitelist Application Format: In-Game Name: thomboy90 How old are you? 15 years old Where are you from (City, State or Country)? the netherlands What are you looking for in this server fun and friends and to help people. playing modded minecraft since beta 1.4 so i know allot about the mods How...
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    [1.1.0][JamPacked (the first one and the best one)] Hardcore Testing Mode: Golem Factory

    o yeah and i don't know if you know yet but the problem with the QDS is because of the golems. i hooked a item node from a chest to the QDS and it worked
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    [1.1.0][JamPacked (the first one and the best one)] Hardcore Testing Mode: Golem Factory

    the trees aren't plantable beause the quest gate system blocks stay. it's the same with top of the machines/ maybe in the farm area only block of the sides and not the top
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    [1.1.0][JamPacked (the first one and the best one)] Hardcore Testing Mode: Golem Factory

    hey i found a bug. when i want to complete the "energy cells" quest and i set up a golem to automaticly put them into the QDS they don't complete the quest
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    [1.1.0][JamPacked (the first one and the best one)] Hardcore Testing Mode: Golem Factory

    yeah i didn't red the preview sorry but it isn't to hard to understand maybe as a thing for security for people like me that don't read it yeah i just made a new channel and this map looks like an epic lp :D
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    [1.1.0][JamPacked (the first one and the best one)] Hardcore Testing Mode: Golem Factory

    hey i just started playing your map and it looks awsome. took some getting used to but i understand now. maybe you shoul dgive some explainations on the facotry upgrades etc on the first page o HQM book. also iam thinking of doing a lets play on your map it looks amazing :D
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    Version 1.4.5 FINAL - Mysterious Book O'Tech [1.6.4] {Tech/GregTech} {RPG} {HQM/Quest} {Hardcore}

    i just downloaded it and will give feedback after a while playing :D
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    Whitelist Server Zerro Skyblock! Agrarian Skies 3.1.1! No banned Items! Whitelist!

    Ingame Name: thomboy90 Age: 15 Timezone: GMT+1
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    Whitelist Server DireWolf20 1.0.21 | small whitelist server | 6 gb ram | new Map | teamspeak

    Thanks! Did something went wrong on the server end? I was afraid i dud/sayed something wrong :P Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9300 met Tapatalk