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    Whitelist Server Asgard | Direwolf20 1.0.14 | Whitelist | Small Friendly Community | 24/7 | No Lag

    1 - What is your experience with FTB? I've ran several servers before with friends, and know quite a few of the modpacks 2 - How old are your? 19 3 - Why would you like to play on this server? For the small community, I really enjoy small communities where you can know who you are playing with...
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    Whitelist Server Meridian | FTB DW20 1.0.11 | Whitelist | Grieving Banned | Fledging Community | Mature Attitude

    InGame name: DrRedJames Age:19 Can you use TS / do you? Yes and yes Have you been banned before if yes reason? Nope What part of game do you like? Building cool stuff in cool places, so I like to adventure around the map! Lastly do you have any mod experience? I have never been a mod, but I...
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    Whitelist Server Small Community Server|Australian Host|Direwolf20 1.6.4 v1.0.7|Whitelist|Teamspeak Essential|Mature

    Name:Dylan Minecraft Name:DrRedJames Age (Don't Lie):19 Where do you live (State,Country):Indiana, U.S. Average Hours to Play (per day/week):2-3/12-14 School/No School:Freshmen at college Extra Info:I enjoy playing minecraft with some fun people. Lets game it up together and have a good time :)
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    Whitelist Server StromCraft [FTB Minecrack] FreshStart - 30ppl 18+

    Server Application: 1. In game Name: DrRedJames 2. Skype/RazorComms Name ( Mandatory ): Dylanrturner 3. Age: 19 4. Did you read the rule's ? Yessum 5. Why would you like to join? I like server communities, Single player is a lonely world.... 6. How many GB is the Server Running On? 12 GB 7. Do...
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    Casual Server Small 10 slot unleashed server.

    Username: DrRedJames Age: 18 Location: USA I have teamspeak, I'm just looking to play some minecraft with some chill people
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    Casual Server The Ultimate Whitelisted FTB server [CLOSED]

    Hey Man 1. What is your in-game name? DrRedJames 2. Do you speak English well enough so people can understand? Yes, is there TS or anything like that? 3. How old are you? 18 4. Where are you from? USA 5. How long have you played Minecraft? Since Beta 6. How long have you played FTB and what mods...
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    Casual Server Small/Growing, FTB Ultimate 1.1.0 whitelist server. 15 spots open Mature Server.

    I'd be interested in joining. IGN: DrRedJames Age: 18 USA I have skype and TS, Pretty extensive knowledge over most of the mods, I enjoy smaller servers where people get on at least every once in awhile I also enjoy long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners, and being the funny guy...