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    Recurring crashes

    FTB Launcher version: 1.2.6 Minecraft Version:1.5.2 Unleashed Java version:1.7.0_21 Detailed description of the issue / how can the issue be recreated: Just running through a jungle biome, and I crash after about 10 seconds. Error logs:
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    Cannot create new worlds, or play existing ones.

    Any time I try to create, or play an existing ssp world, my game just crashes. Although I can play smp just fine without issue. FTB Launcher version: v1.2.4 Minecraft Version: 1.4.7 Java version: 1.7.0_21 Error logs: Pretty sure this is the issue, Although I...
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    Making Steel

    Do you have the right amount of blocks as part of the multiblock structre (not sure it can function with less but :/ ) Does the heat capacity say its over 1000k?
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    Making Steel

    Edit: I'm retarded It should work with that recipe, maybe a conflicting mod or something is messing up the recipe, or maybe the recipe isn't enabled in the config. Or something like that.
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    Making Steel

    you can use the industrial blast furnace to make steel You need two iron dust, and two coal dust to make a piece of steel.
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    [64x] Soartex Fanver - Smooth and Clean FTB

    Im really confused how to use the patcher. I extract the download and it just gives me a meta-inf and a net folder. What am I supposed to do with these? I feel like I'm doing something wrong, or there is just a lack of information on how to use it. Edit: So I can see that the patcher is a...
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    Tekkit is a joke but my FPS was Higher

    Considering your monitor most likely only 60Hz, there is literally no difference between 200-150 fps. As your monitor can only display 60 fps at the most anyway. I really doubt you can tell the difference between those two framerates.
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    [64x] Soartex Fanver - Smooth and Clean FTB

    :( All the download links are for 2.1.9
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    [64x] Soartex Fanver - Smooth and Clean FTB

    Np, anything I can do to help. Especially since we all benefit from it, lol.
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    [64x] Soartex Fanver - Smooth and Clean FTB

    The twilight forest texture seem to be missing for me. Not all of them, mainly just the armor sprites, and the actual armor textures. Also the vanilla sprites don't seem to be re textured. Other than that, this pack looks great. Because it is far more updated than any of the readily available...
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    Steve's Carts help

    So I can't seem to find them in NEI, I'm assuming it's because it would need a module or something (like redpower). But I've also tried crafting them by looking the recipes up on the wiki. But I can't seem to be able to craft them. Is this mod not included right now? Or is there something that...