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    Problem FTB Revelations IGN Names Show up twice.

    Custom mods Nucleus Luck perms cant find fix, getting really mad.
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    FTB Infinity server crash Issues

    I have to restart server every 20 mins or so, i got 20+ active members at a time online pastebin is please help me
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    Open Server Infinity 1.7 Server, Need members, 24/7 no downtime.

    No banned items. Rules: 1). No griefing. 2). Don't Be annoying 3). Do not intentionally lag the server. 4). Have Fun! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ip -
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    Can anyone help me figure out this error

    Ive been getting this error now all the time "i have Towny Mcpc+ and im running on FTB ultimate 1.1.2"
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    How do i fix the Wand Of Excavation?

    Im working on a server with a friend to stop anti grief items, and we cant figure out how to make it so wand of excavation doesnt break protected blocks, if someone can post a fix for this it would muchly be appreciated, (were not gonna ban it)