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    [1.7.10] TolkienCraft II - Adventure Awaits! - v2.9.5[QUESTS][ADVENTURE][NORMAL MODE]

    The map install instructions on the map download page are, as far as I can tell, not accurate. It does work as someone points out on that page:
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft V4 (Mindcrack)(UK Host)(16+) bees! No worries. It's been fun but time to try something new. Thanks for a great server Caesura.
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft V4 (Mindcrack)(UK Host)(16+)

    Heyo, funny that you post yesterday and I install MC yesterday. Hope you're well. Age (16+): Old IGN: proctech FTB experience: tons, but not with newer mods Your favourite creation: Fully automated 8 boiler / fermenter /farm / UU matter /solar factory.
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    Whitelist Server Mindcrack FTB 8.3.2|Whitelist|1.5 GB RAM|10 Slots|(NEW)

    Fun server so far. Am looking forward to future plans (IE Crack the Beast).
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    FTB Monster - Auto sort mod?

    In your inventory, upper right, click the "..." to change the key setting. Impossibly annoying that it isn't a specialized key to begin with.
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    Any way to reduce waste of MJ?

    You don't have to babysit your power if you set it up adequately. That is exactly what gates are for. So you can either leak power and keep it simple or seal up the power supply with gates that recognize when power is needed, etc.. But you mostly cannot "keep it simple" and not leak power...
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    Countering hard mode in GregTech

    Add Mystcraft, disable negative world effects in config, give yourself a full symbols book and spawn a dense ore mining world. Make it 4x or 8x dense even. Works with Mindcrack, dunno about other packs or how the config works in newer versions of Mystcraft.
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft: FTB Mindcrack-(8.3.2) - [Whitelisted]

    I've messaged Kell r/e the server. In future you can just private message one of the admins if the server is down rather than asking in the thread.
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft: FTB Mindcrack-(8.3.2) - [Whitelisted]

    I don't know if the whitelist worked or not but I'd like to point out that at is "lokishi" not "Iokishi". "l as in look". Hope to see you their friend!
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    Whitelist Server Surthtrival Online - 1.5.2, FTB Unleashed, Whitelist Server

    Thank you jpbirdsgong, I didn't see that thread.
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    Whitelist Server Surthtrival Online - 1.5.2, FTB Unleashed, Whitelist Server

    Did we crash last night or am I just unable to connect for some reason?
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    2. A lot of the balancing of mods and modpacks and arguing around here relates to this. If something is totally reliable and easy to build then many would say the whole game becomes too easy. Thus, some of the most reliable energy sources are the hardest to build, and some of the easiest to...
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    Best Non-lava power source for FTB pack Unleashed

    Not tested it yet but I see a lot of MFR power supplies on the server I'm on. Mostly Harvesters on trees, and if that's a positive energy loop (via charcoal, biofuel, ethanol, and/or boilers) then that has got to be the easiest to get going. Personally I've fallen back on coal coke and hobbyists...
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft: FTB Mindcrack-(8.3.2) - [Whitelisted]

    I had like 72 hours on the server practically alone. Mr. Niceguy has been on 1-2 hours a day and rogueshadow checks in pretty regularly. Other than that it's been quite quiet. I do hope we get a few more regulars. I'm taking a couple days to get to know the "Unleashed" mod, but I'll be back.
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    A moral dilemma - was I right or wrong

    If this is a typical community type server set up for mature players who are supposed to respect each other, then: Unless they're under 8 years old or have a mental handicap of some sort I'd remove them from the server sans warning. I wouldn't want anyone who'd do such a thing anywhere on a...
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    Are there many of us?

    I've wondered this myself. Experience with other modded games suggests that it is a very small proportion of players that dip into mods. Something like 1/50th read or post on forums about the game they play and I'd guess it's a fraction thereof that venture into mods. If 1/20th of those...
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    Whitelist Server Surthtrival Online - 1.5.2, FTB Unleashed, Whitelist Server

    Application IGN: proctech Birthday: 4 / 11 / 71 Timezone: EST (GMT - 5) Country: USA How often do you play?: 3-8 hours every day When did you hear about feed the beast?: Dec 2012 How'd you discover Feed the Beast and what makes you want to play?: Mindcrack keeps me entertained at work. I love...
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft: FTB Mindcrack-(8.3.2) - [Whitelisted]

    Talked to admin and server will be up again soon.
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft: FTB Mindcrack-(8.3.2) - [Whitelisted]

    Logged in, am falling through the planet, currently @ -5000y