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    Problem Up to 40,000 tiles at times, need help!

    i need a way to find tiles, they just keep adding up more and more, i've tired to use plugins like sampler, but they only show entities, is there a way to find them? or any advice on limiting them?
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    Whitelist Server }}} (In Development) -=Infinity Pack=- (Paid for Whitelist) <{Feedback Needed!}> Fresh World{{{

    Hi, With past experiences from hosting several whitelist server, I find myself almost babysitting drama between younger players, and people who lie about their age in the whitelist application, and no one likes griefers, so many many items that are used to glitch/dupe don't need to be blocked...
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    Stream Monster Pack! :D Come Chill! Server is private, playing with a friend :D I try to stream often so follow if you see this after my stream is over!
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    Hey everyone I'm a new streamer and I recently started streaming FTB. If you could come check me out and chill that would be amazing! Dont forget to also follow!