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    Crashing wen making a new world

    Ok so I want to make a world and yesterday it worked fine (I disabled extrabiomes) But today I want to play with some extra biomes so I loaded extrabiomes in and wen I click generate new world it crashes. Note: I'm using ultimate Error log: java.lang.NullPointerException at...
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    Casual Server Partner/friend

    Hi I'm looking for a friend to play with me since I'm so lonely :( I'm looking from ages 12-14 and with some mod expirience it doesn't have to bee too much either also if you have good building skills it would be great, if you want a friend to play with just add me on skype dmps1029. Btw I'm 14
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    How to set up?

    Hey can anyone tell me how to set up a FTB server with MCprohosting or any other good cheap hosts?
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    Strange issue

    Well I was playing in the Dw20 5.0.1 pack and while I was crafting in the console I saw this And the game just flat out froze
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    Rp2 Bc-Engine

    Hi, I'm asking here since I can't find a Rp2 forum. Is there a way to make the Blulectric Engine from Redpower 2 Face up. If you know how please tell me since my engine room looks bad with it facing to the side.
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    Lack of tin/copper

    Hi i'm having some issues with ores i have a major lack of tin and copper i think this is caused by having ic2 ores disabled since forestry ores dont spawn that often
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    Bug report

    Hi im not sure where to put this so i just placed it here if you show the recipe of a tank cart change the mode to shapless and move the page to page 11+ you crash your minecraft
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    Hi im moltakkk111 Molt for short and i love minecraft mods and i hope that FTB can build a nice community for modding