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    Looks like we have a replacement for Xycraft Fabricators

    Super excited about this change, yeah it takes power to craft, and will be made slightly obsolete when Xycraft is updated, but until then we have an awesome, powerful autocrafting system using a mod that HAS updated :D Good man CJ!
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    Mekanism spotlight by Lindamarica

    So as Linda was watching my youtube LP series, she noticed that I'm... rather bad at modded minecraft. Other than the staple mods that were around in 1.2.5, and some newer ones that really inspired me, I'm not so good :p So she decided that she will make a few tutorials, spotlights if you will...
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    Counting Game!

    RULES! Your post must contain a picture that in some way corresponds to your post number. It doesn't have to have the number in the picture, for example one could post a picture of the route 66 sign for #66, OR one could post a picture of something significant that happened in 1966 (such as...
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    So is this where you got it from Saice? ;)

    So when I can't sleep I usually go looking for sciene vids to watch, and I found this one from ViHart link to precice time
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    Remember that boring old nether?

    NO LONGER! How epic does that nether look? mDiyo did such an amazing job making the Nether a nice place to be (even though it's still dangerous as fuck) Ars magica structures now spawn in the nether too, and they look great!
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    Rising Resonance Let's Play (Resonant Rise Modpack)

    My First ever attempt at a Minecraft (or any) let's play. Rising Resonance, using KirinDave's Resonant Rise modpack. An SSP adventure through mods I know fuck all about! Latest episode:
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    Your top 10

    Choose the 10 people you get on the most with/who you like the most/who you'd most want to play on a server with. GO! Mine(in no particular order from 2-10): -Linda -Exedra -EternalDensity -ApsciMorgs -Poppycocks -Saice -Guswut (come back please?) -tehBlobLord -Chocorate -KirinDave...
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    Why hello there Mooshroom2191

    I just love seeing my hat being used XD
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    This has nothing to do with minecraft but...

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    Eloraam has not disappeared. (random half related topics) two new tweets Eloraam @TheRealEloraam 9m With that said, I'm not retiring. Eloraam @TheRealEloraam 9m So about vanishing... work project got crazy and burnout hit me. Things seem to be settling down, but I don't want to jinx it this time. Eloraam: "So...
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    Voxel Map F3 stuffs

    So for a long time I played without Voxel map, because meh. And every time I play I hit F3 and keep that on in the background, it doesn't bother me at all. Now I've just enabled Voxelmap and pressing F3 brings up that pie chart of what's taxing your system the most... anyone know how to disable...
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    Fluffy fucker XD

    So my family has a chicken farm thingy.. and this is around the time of year that the chicks hatch.. so far we have had 12 hatch from a batch of 16 (that's not uncommon) and yeah here's a video of one hatching: and this guy is 1 day old :D
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    Gregtechs role in the modpacks.

    Firstly, a little disclaimer: I do not hate Gregtech. I use Gregtech on easy mode in my Direwolf20 SSP, the configs are the ones made by Velotican and you can find them here, the only change I made to it was to rid myself of the forestry bronze nerf. This is not a rant about Gregtech nor do I...
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    IC2 crops guide (very indepth)

    Written by: Icanhazripper Original post: Copied here for fear of that forum going down (it is a server forum, so the chances of that are very real) There are several guides available on some forums. However, these...
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    Mod/Item/Stuff Ideas

    So, if you're anything like me, you constantly have ideas for cool and interesting items that would be "soooo cool!" And I know that if we all made a seperate thread for each new idea we want to share then they'd just end up being ignored and not getting much exposure to those who actually...
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    FTB vs Real Life

    Okay, first off, as you can see to the left here, I'm currently living in Ireland (English expat) One of the things that is very common in rural Ireland is burning turf in a stove/fire/etc for heat and cooking and stuff. (still have electric, and can still have central heating but that stuff...
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    Your Mystcraft Worlds

    So, what kind of wierd and wonderful worlds have you been able to create with the funky new page system? Are you setting up your base in said world, or is it purely for exploit/exploration/mining? I will admit, this thread was created because I'm completely stumped about how to go about setting...
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    Mystcraft Portals

    So I've built this base that IMO looks really rather cool, and I thought that a suitably cool system to get from floor to floor would be mystcraft portals. However, Mystcraft portals cannot link to a place in the same age.. Doesn't Direwolf link to places in the same age in his portal room? I...
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    Invtweaks and Lead

    There was this annoying bug in tekkit 3.1.2 where if you pressed R (the inventory sort button) while an RE Battery was in your inventory, it would bug out and you'd end up like you'd clicked on the battery. Same thing if you tried to sort a chest with it in. (Also happened to things like the...
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    Forge Problem

    So yesterday I was able to connect to my friends FTB Direwolf20 pack server. It had himself, myself, and one other player on it. Today I was unable to connect for more than a few minutes before being kicked, within that few minutes I experienced chunks not loading, being unable to read chat...