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    R.I.P Subscription Page.

    I was looking for the morning DW20 vid when I saw all this xDD. I'm wondering whether or not she either has fast as hell internet, or if this took her a month to upload (I mean there's actually more than this, and 80% are about 2 hours long!). At least now I have stuff to watch, TV is so boring.
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    Sync and Blood Magic

    This may or may not be a simple question, but how does Sync work with blood magic? For example, lets say my character "Kris" starts blood magic, makes a T4 alter and blah blah blah sigils. When I switch to "Kris - Sync" who's LP gets drained? is it my original character, the Sync character, or...
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    Thaumcraft 4 bee research

    Ok... So I was doing research in Thaumcraft when I came across the one for Essence of Everlasting Durability and looking at the table, it gave me this (pic included). What the heck is this?! I'm not sure if I have to connect something back to it or what. I'm going to see though if the research...
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    Best way to update a server?

    So, looking at the launcher and playing single player, it's easy to update by clicking yes when there's a modpack update. My question is is there any kind of way to update a server (just a small group of friends, you know) like, automatically? Or is it still "download server pack, enable...
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    Pecan trees not producing pecans in orchard

    Hello, I just had a question that I hope I didn't screw up on xD. (Direwolf20 1.5 mod pack) So I just bred some trees, and I just got the pecan tree. This tree, when I ran it through the analyzer, told me that it produces pecan nuts, so I made a small forestry multifarm in order to use the...