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  1. Hambeau

    Unstable 1.12 Impressions

    I created this thread as I didn't see a discussion area for the new 1.12 packs... If needed, please feel free to move or delete this if it's out of place. I just loaded and spent about a half hour with the new Unstable pack... It's got some interesting additions, such as a new Village...
  2. Hambeau

    MC 1.12 is out, Forgecraft has a first release

    How long will it be until we see packs for 1.12? Who will be the first to harness a flock of Parrots into a flying harness? Enquiring minds wish to be informed. :D
  3. Hambeau

    Possible filter for SPAM?

    I just noticed that SPAM posts, in addition to initially marking themselves as "Problems" :D all have URLs as subject lines. Can that be used as a filter? Any real poster should know to at least identify their subject.
  4. Hambeau

    Lag tip from Direwolf20

    Forgive me for creating a new thread, but if I were to post this to each Lag thread in the forums I'd still be here posting on Easter Sunday :D In today's LP episode DW20 showed a cool tip about lag related to Chunk Updates... In this case caused by EnderIO conduit. The tip is right at the...
  5. Hambeau

    Thaumcraft 6 info!

    Thaumcraft 6 is currently being upgraded for 1.10... This video was put on YouTube yesterday but slipped my notice for some reason or another :rolleyes:
  6. Hambeau

    Mojang's Minecon 2016 videos up on Youtube

    Mojang started posting the "nicer" videos of Minecon today, including the opening ceremonies and the panel I'm most interested in, "Extensions and Add-Ons" for the MCPE versions of MC, including Win10, coming in version 16 later this month.
  7. Hambeau

    MC 1.10 released?

    I have not tried to DL this yet but here's the Mojang announcement:
  8. Hambeau

    Realistic Minecraft?

    New video posted today... Made by Nukazooka.
  9. Hambeau

    Microsoft, Minecraft and AI research?

    I just saw this and thought it of interest... Microsoft is apparently using Minecraft for real world AI research. The announcement is that they have decided to Open Source it, along with the AIX platform it runs on (this is a Java mod, apparently, not IBM's version od Unix). The article claims...
  10. Hambeau

    Vanilla MC 1.9 announced

  11. Hambeau

    Important FYI! Why you should remove older Java before installing a new version

    This article came out this morning and explains how Java does (or did) not clear older versions of itself off the disk, leaving it there for older security holes to be exploited by malware: In addition to...
  12. Hambeau

    New Microsoft Minecraft project... It's beginning... :D Jeb as a teacher
  13. Hambeau

    More on Microsoft's MC plans

    I saw this article this morning and decided to share: [Edit] Sorry for the mini-necro here... I just saw that apparently IOS and Android versions of "MC++" have been updated today. This means Win10 MC beta, IOS, Android and...
  14. Hambeau

    For those worried about Win10, MC 1.9 and the future of modding

    I just saw this article you might find interesting...
  15. Hambeau

    The moment of truth has arrived...

    A new beta version of Minecraft for Windows 10 has been announced that will be available July 29th along with Windows 10. It will be free for those who already have Minecraft licenses and at a $10 special price from the Microsoft Store while in it's "beta" stage. Here's the announcement...
  16. Hambeau

    Minecon gift from Direwolf20?

    I just saw this on twitter: Cannot wait!
  17. Hambeau

    Do-it-yourself Minecraft computer?

    I just saw this a bit ago... It's a Raspberry Pi 2 computer kit with a 7" screen. They seem to be aiming it towards kids as a teaching tool. I believe the Minecraft is a special version of PE, with the capability to be modded (I even think the source code may be there). Of course it wouldn't...
  18. Hambeau

    New Twist... Competetive Minecraft?

    I just found this and thought it was interesting. My only concern... Most matches are free, but if you want to play against a more "professional" group the matches cost a dollar, and...
  19. Hambeau

    Epic just dropped the subscription fee on the Unreal Engine!

    Now anyone can download the dev-kit for free. There used to be a $19/mo. subscription to get access. How many (show of hands, please o/ ) would like to see a version of Minecraft written using a real graphics engine at it's core? Imagine a couple of scenes: 1). Blowing up your (or a) base...
  20. Hambeau

    Is Anyone else getting e-mail from accounts that posted spam?

    This morning I got an email from "Julie[some number]" referring to a conversation in the Feed the Beast forums and a link about a workout video. Of course I deleted the mail without even cursoring over the link... I'm a gamer after all, what interest do I of all people have in working out? :D...