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    Whitelist Server Oden Skyland | DW20 .23 | Whitelisted | Mature | Towny Plugin | Floating Islands

    Change log: 24.04.2014: - Updated to 1.0.20 28.04.2014: - Updated to 1.0.21 29.04.2014: - Fixed a permgen issue causing crashes - Added economy to the server: Added buying and selling of items. - Fixed permission system you can now do some new commands: Tpa, sethome, /home, etc - Few things...
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    Hey folks, someone interested in hosting a server together ?

    Hey everybody, as the title says, i would ask if a group of people is interested to host a ftb server together :) right now iam playing on an free online server, but it just sucks with all the banned items and of cause all the stupid people. i would like to have a server with, well lets say...