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    Looking for peoplr to play Anti-material energy with

    As title says, I saw thr new ME pack on Curse client and want to play it with 2 to 4 people. Because singleplayer playthroughs getting boring to me. I'm 17 so if youre close to or older than me it would be better. Also I dont understand setting servers so i ll need your help at that.
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    Game crashes with Mekanism

    Title: Game crashes with Mekanism Launcher Version: v1.4.7 Modpack: FTB Infinity Modpack Version: 1.3.1 Log Link: Details of the issue: I added Mekanism to the modpack (Mekanism-1.7.10- exactly) and when i try to launch the game it waits a bit and crashes...
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    Grass Color

    Hey its me again. Is there anyway to change grass color? I settled in a wastelandish biome and it was cool until i wanted to do nature mods like botania so there is that. I heard witchery can change biomes but I dont think doing witchery any time soon.
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    [Infinity 1.3.4] taint biome

    Im playing ftb infinity for some time and im playing with thaumcraft recently. I think taint biome is off by default but what if i need taint stuff like spores? is there any other way having taint items other than biome?
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    Bug Adding Aromas mining world to infinity

    I added some mods to ftb infinity (Node tracker etc.) All worked well . But when i add aromas mining world i couldnt load my world. When i try it sends me back to main menu. Aroma core is installed by default so i dont know what makes it. Pls help.