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    1.5.0: awayoftime config

    Version: 1.5.0 What is the bug: in all versions of DW20 the bloodmagic config has conflicting effect ID's, which causes players to be disconected when soul fray is turned on Mod & Version: bloodmagic config log: Can it be repeated: yes it is broken on all...
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    [1.7.10] Lolnet Adventure Pack

    Pack Code: adventurepack What is Lolnet Adventure Pack? Time to lace up those seven league boots and strap on, take that enchanted blade off the mantelpiece. Adventure and Fame await you! Dungeons to explore! Floating cities to reach for! Monarchies to found! The Lolnet Adventure pack is a...
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    cant craft rancher on server

    the server is default no changes to configs made but the rancher disappears from the crafting window before it can be taken out can be crafted on single player fine
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    Open Server Lolnet | Magic Farm 2 | Open

    Lolnet Magic Farm 2 Version:2.1.2 About: This is a survival oriented, MagicFarm2 server. Mobs are on hard, the beginning game is slower, and hunger will be a constant friend. You’ll want to spread out and get some elbow room and then get to work on your farm. Towney...