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    ProjectRed Worldgen Questions

    Hello! I'm running my own modpack with Chisel and Project Red. I've searched the forums for answers on this, and I found some posts about it, but still didn't find the exact answers I was looking for. The Chisel worldgen overwrites the marble generation for Project Red, and that would be fine...
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    Forge Website Down?

    Is anybody else having serious trouble getting to Some issue with a "Prohibited IP"? I really want to get the newest Forge, lol. Totally answered my own question with a search. Glad to know there isn't something funky on my end. Sorry for the pointless post everyone.
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    Aluminum Ore - Which Mod?

    I was just wondering which mod in Ultimate adds Aluminum Ore? Is it GregTech? I'm just wondering. I've searched for it, but all that turns up in the forum search is a stupid thread where some guy is condescending to the U.S. Super helpful!!! Can anybody tell me this thing?
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    LAN Publishing Woes

    So, I have a single player FTB world. I'm getting my lady a minecraft account so she can play with me. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to publish my LAN server so we can share that world. Every time I type "/publish", it tells me "You do not have permission to use this command." Either...
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    Advanced Solar Recipe

    So, I've been playing on a friend's server, and he hasn't exactly made it easy for anyone to match up our config files to his server's. When I first went to build an advanced solar panel, I got to the point where I needed to make Irradiant Glass, which was fine because I had all the materials. I...
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    BC Energy Inquiry

    So, I have this system of Redstone Energy Cells set up. Two separate circuits, with two cells each, so I can cycle them to avoid an explosion. It's kinda clunky, and I know I could do it better, because it's so very...manual. I have to keep a constant eye on it while I'm charging it (electrical...
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    Dumb GregTech Question

    I'm on this server, and I'm trying to get my config to match up my recipes with what the server has registered. I'm good for the most part, but I was wondering, specifically, how do I change the recipe for an Electric Wrench? I've been trying to use the GregTech recipe, but apparently, the...