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    Ranged pumps

    ok... I've done everything I can think of to get this stupid thing to work. Above lava... in lava. Red stone signal on all sides except the top. Ender tank/ender io tank.... in out of ideas... can some one post me a screen shot of their working setup? That isn't the one on the curse page
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    This has zero to do with anything prudent. But is it me or have there been a lot of infieri type threads? It seems like two a wk are brought back. Maybe I'm just starting to notice but it seems like a lot in a small period of time.
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    So I'm debating making my own mod pack. However im not very astute when it comes to changing things in a mods config file. Anyone got any tips?
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    hey y'all! So finally got my computer working again! I need a favor. I need ideas of what to build. Any ideas are GREATLY appreciated. Doesn't matter the size of the project.