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  1. triggerfinger12

    Integrated Dynamics Peat Automation

    Is there a way to automate a forestry peat farm with Integrated Dynamics? I'm trying to use it to detect when bog earth is mature and then output a redstone signal to a block breaker to break the block. My problem is that as far as I can tell, Integrated Dynamics can't detect whatever block...
  2. triggerfinger12

    Open Astral Sorcery Duplication Bug

    Summary of the problem Astral Sorcery Duplication Bug Pack Version 1.0.0 What is the bug? When placing a block to perform a starlight transmutation, if the block is removed, and another one placed, instead of producing the intended material, it will produce the product of the first block...
  3. triggerfinger12

    Attack of the Memes

    Post a meme relating to the previous by being on the same topic, or containing a word that was in the aforementioned previous post, excluding prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. (Titles are allowed, but try to make them noticeable) Here's to start:
  4. triggerfinger12

    Forestry Breeding Help?

    I am looking for someone to explain to me how to do Forestry bee and tree breeding. As many of the little details as possible. If someone can do it with pictures that would be great.
  5. triggerfinger12

    Mafia Game Thread!

    Rolesheet Didn't sign up? Please do not post here! Players: 1. fowltief 2. the_j485 3. Pyure 4. MrMonsterGuy18 5. 016nojr Do not post until I say so.
  6. triggerfinger12

    Mafia Signups!

    The Mafia has really taken a step up. The Chief is weary of all the reports of murders and disappearances. A full day's work includes more crimes than worth mentioning. The townsfolk are angry and fearful. The only thing the Mafia could want: the entire city to be razed. Welcome to Mafia...
  7. triggerfinger12

    Idiocy at its finest

    This one is simple. Read the previous post and say the stupidest thing that comes to your head. Here is to start: Poop