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  1. Fuzzbling

    FTB Update. (New launcher + FTB Omnia released.)

    Welcome back FTB, you been missed. ;)
  2. Fuzzbling

    FTB Infinity Lite 1.10 - Waila-like tooltip

    Since it appears Waila isn't part of Infinity Lite 1.10, what's controlling the tooltips now? Is this configurable in game? Not a fan of the default appearance and need to make it bigger and easier to see / read. Screenshot: - Thanks
  3. Fuzzbling

    Making a modpack 1.7.10

    You can only modify the existing mod packs listed on the FTB launcher. If you want build your own pack from scratch and to be accessible from the FTB launcher, you will need to get familiar with this [Link] section of the forums. Tons of information to glean before you get started. You could...
  4. Fuzzbling

    After a long day of mining...

    Your only way in the DW20 mod pack for instant long distance travel to a set location from a random one (aka you walked there and now want to get home asap) is to use the Mystcraft Link Books. Set yourself up a hub in the Nether an always carry a a few books around with you. FYI, you can use a...
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    "Looking for players" subforum

    I'll toss my vote in for this.
  6. Fuzzbling

    Problem with custom FTBLite3

    I can not say for sure if you will need to update forge, but after updating Tinkers, Iguana, and Mantle, the game will let you know if you are missing the correct version of forge, providing no additional crashes happen. The original crash is indeed Tinkers and Iguana not being of compatible...
  7. Fuzzbling

    Problem with custom FTBLite3

    You need to paste logs about the crash before anyone will be able to truly assist. Use Pastebin [] or FTB Paste [] for the log and post the link here. You're versions of IguanaTinkerTweaks...
  8. Fuzzbling

    Does updating a modpack's component mods cause trouble?

    Forge "Build 1.7.10-" and later is where all the new fluid changes start (I think). If you are going to update any mods in a pack, you will need to review the changes for them and see if their recent versions are built using one of these later versions of Forge. Some mods...
  9. Fuzzbling

    Mod Feedback [1.7.10] RFDrills - for all of your mining needs!

    Excellent mod! Thank you for this!
  10. Fuzzbling

    Whitelist Server Fusion-Servers |Private/Public Servers | FTB Infinity | 1.3.4 | No Banned Items |

    I don't think anyone is yet. He's most likely still working on the server.
  11. Fuzzbling

    Whitelist Server Fusion-Servers |Private/Public Servers | FTB Infinity | 1.3.4 | No Banned Items |

    Thanks for the update @owned and thank you for map reset! I will definitely stay on this server. Check your messages, sent you a PM.
  12. Fuzzbling

    1.7 Modpacks and Servers Both Crashing

    With out those crash reports, there is nothing anyone can do to assist. Use pastebin or something equivalent and post a link to the latest client and server logs.
  13. Fuzzbling

    Server mods you consider necessary

    Forge Essentials Link: []
  14. Fuzzbling

    Direwolf Crash On Start Up

    What you experienced was a Java crash. It's highly unlikely that it's anything Minecraft related. The common causes of this have been, UAC (Vista and Win7), faulty memory, non-administrator user account, corrupt java installation, etc. You have your work cut out for you and will need to do some...
  15. Fuzzbling

    Modpack Creation

    For a survival island pack, I would add Mariculture [Link:] in addition to what Lyra mentioned above. I'm not a fan of Enviromine, but it's just a personal preference.
  16. Fuzzbling

    FTB News - April 3rd, 2015

    Looking forward to seeing what the new packs are like, keep up the great work FTB team!
  17. Fuzzbling

    Favorite Mod?

    Railcraft It was the second mod I had ever used (first one was the original Industrial Craft for MC Beta 1.4). I really like building the intricate rail systems, and the tunnel bore just feels much more rewarding than a quarry.
  18. Fuzzbling

    Grimiore of Gaia updated for 1.7.10

    I discovered this mod last night, quite fun and I really like the mobs. Would be a great addition to an RPG pack.
  19. Fuzzbling

    What I can do with this house

    Another vote for Chisel here too. Lets not forget there are several other mods (Included in TPPI and many other packs) that add great building materials. Railcraft, Natura, Tinkers Construct, Thaumcraft, Forestry, even Biomes O Plenty (Amber or Amethyst + RC: Abyssal = Awesome).
  20. Fuzzbling

    Ender IO and Thermal expansion not working together