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    Sorting & Ore Processing

    Steve's Factory Manager, while not as pretty as most of these systems, absolutely crushes every single one of these mods. The utility and flexibility isn't even close in terms of precision and speed. The server load is almost nothing even compared to TE3 itemducts. SFM is a little complex to...
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    Why do people like Thermal Expansion so much?

    I know about that. What resources does it take to create? Those are extra resources that need to be taken into account. How many components must be crafted before the Ejector Upgrade can be crafted itself? What is the time cost of those recipes? Once again, clean start to the first automated...
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    Why do people like Thermal Expansion so much?

    Time is literally the only precious resource. To point directly to YX33A's post, I completely agree that time is so precious as to be priceless. That is why it is the only resource by which cost can accurately be measured. Rare or not, ingame resources are infinite. Our time as players is not...
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    Why do people like Thermal Expansion so much?

    @Jadedcat While your resource analysis is excellent, material costs in an infinite world are meaningless. Given that every resource is inexhaustible due to each Minecraft world being far larger than any person could possibly explore in a single lifetime, the only resource that counts is time...
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    Why don't people like IC2 anymore?

    RR is in the process of developing an RRLite pack for lower end comps and our reworked server building challenge. The very first thing I said when we made the initial mod list was "IC2 is gone". From the standpoint of a semi-competitive multiplayer challenge, I cannot possibly justify a mod that...
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    [CHALLENGE] (v4.3-ish 6/7/18) Refugee to Regent Kingdom Building Challenge

    As far as modpacks go, Resonant Rise is the go-to for this as far as I'm concerned. Several people on the test servers are doing R2R with great success.
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    How long do you stay in the "Vanilla" stage?

    I usually take a little while. I get a few diamonds first and build decent stock of ores. I used to rush into my first machines, but I ended up with a bunch of machines sitting there with nothing to do except maybe turn wood into charcoal. Besides, caving will bring you to some dungeons and...
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    Reward System Using Gates (for map makers)

    I'm using AE and MFR in my map. I use drawbridges as my gates. I put a chest down with a precision import bus connected underneath the floor. I send it to an AE system with level emitters set for each item I require to proceed. The emitters are all linked by MFR Rednet Cables, and each emitter...
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    Why Minecraft Is Bad For Kids

    It's called "shop" class here in the states because it's shortened from "workshop".
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    Factorization: Power source

    Liquiducts have always worked for me.
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    (Unleashed) The Abstract Challenge Map [WIP] [Skyblock]

    Mystcraft is never the answer with challenge maps. You should be able to get everything without generating new terrain.
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    (Unleashed) The Abstract Challenge Map [WIP] [Skyblock]

    Edit isn't working for me, so sorry for the multiple posts. I made a second instance of the map to check, and that didn't have the bees either. This is version 4. I'm going to go ahead and spawn them in since this seems to be an oversight.
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    (Unleashed) The Abstract Challenge Map [WIP] [Skyblock]

    One observation: The OP says there should be a bee house and rocky bees in the starting chest, but I didn't have any. I'm going to load a different instance of the map to make sure, but I noticed the distinct lack of anything bee related when I went to complete the first challenge.
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    (Unleashed) The Abstract Challenge Map [WIP] [Skyblock]

    I just started, and I'm having a ton of fun. I finally got my tree production to a decent and have paths to the other platforms. I'm just about ready to complete the first challenge. I really like how you're using the Ender frequencies to give rewards. Anyways, I agree with a heavy reliance on...
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    Cookie Clicker

    Wait, the number of heavenly chips earned is the square root of the total number of cookies made divided by one trillion. Therefore, 3000x3000 is 9 million. So, you had 9 million trillion cookies made before you reset?
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    School For RolePlay

    Beale Street. Sounds of pianos and guitars filtered out through open doors of bars and studios mixing into an unending string of blues. Crowds milled about with beers in one hand and phones in the other. They laughed in one bar and cried in another as musicians pulled on one heartstring or...
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    Cookie Clicker

    No, I got sucked in and got out again, but that prestige system is cruel and unusual. I'm about to see what the multiplier is here in a minute. I'll lose my progress, but MOAR CPS!!!! :D
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    Cookie Clicker

    You bastard...... Well, I didn't have to click on this thread, but still, that was low.
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    Tinkers Smeltery Automation

    I used to use a similar setup with rednet controllers across multiple smelteries until I found out that a liquiduct with a single switch worked so much faster. My experiments ended up clocking in at nearly three times as fast on basins and just over twice as fast on tables. I would also run into...
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    The Ongoing Battle Against The Spambots

    A lost and lonely Spambot sitting at the foot of the volcano heard Bella's cry echo throughout the caldera and replied with the other half of the Spambot Battlecry. "ENLARGEMENT!!!" The Spambot ran up the slope to join what it thought was its brethren, but it in its excitement it tripped and...