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    Open 1.0.4: Wooden recipes become Uncraftable over time

    Version: 1.0.4 What is the bug: After periods of elongated play, the recipes involving certain woods (usually vanilla Oak) become uncraftable. Mod & Version: FTB Lib log: Can it be repeated: Repeated twice Known Fix: Rebooting the client refreshes the recipe and...
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    Infinity Skyblock

    Just gonna nudge you towards this before an official post goes live...
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    [1.7.10] Punnet Square - An Evolutionary Pack [ALPHA]

    Punnet Square- An Evolutionary Mod pack Pack Code: PunnetSquare Curse Launcher: --- Humanity has mined the world dry of resources. Over the years and through the calamity that followed, the genetic variance of the population drifted...
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    FTB MotM Botania (July) Quest Bugs

    Please post any bugs relating to quests in here. This is NOT a discussion thread, and "I don't like X or Y" posts will probably be ignored. I'll try to provide support as much as possible, and fix any bugs as and when they arise.
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    [1.7.10] Technobabble

    A Tech mod-pack heavily focused on Non-RF mods and exploration. Ever felt like packs are too heavily reliant on a one-size-fits-all, RF dependent power systems? Well, this mod-pack aims to change all that. With many different power systems- and no one-size-fits-all power conversion system -...
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    [Unofficial] How to set up a Mage Quest 1.0.4 Server

    ---Please note---- Mage Quest 1.2.0 now has a server version available on the launcher. As such, this guide is outdated and completely unsupported. Please use the official server version. --- This guide probably already exists in one form or another. It's basically just a more specific version...
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    Mage Quest's Feedback and Discussion thread

    This thread is for discussion and feedback on FTB's Mage Quest. As with all of FTB's 1.7.10 modpacks, no more further development, and no further releases of this pack are planned. Unless, of course, some mod develops a huge, game breaking issue. But I doubt it. This thread is not for...
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    Denial Network Links

    Just a heads up - about half the links under the Denial Network drop down are dead. (Hunger craft and Dawn Source)
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    Random Haybale Man

    Just out of curiosity, is this haybale man added through a mod (and if so, which one?), or is it a Mojang thing? It's in the Horizons 1.6 Modpack.
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    Link to FTB Launcher install is broken

    The current link on the home page links to and it appears their domain name has expired. As a result, we're redirected to a very lovely picture.
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    FTB Quest Development streams

    Hi there! You've found your way to the single most important thread on the website. Or at least a single page on a website. I'm currently livestreaming over on Twitch- where Show you my slightly bizarre adventures on the Living With The Beast server Check out my channel here...
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    The Shop is here! (Well, not really.) Made me laugh. But then I have the sense of humor of a toddler!
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    Any tips on how to learn to code?

    I'd love to write a mod for Minecraft, and have several ideas for them. the only problem is I don't know how to code! Does anyone have any tips on how to start to learn how to code- and especially tips on how to start coding in Java!
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    Bashful Giant Presents Feed The Beast (Popecraft, Monster)

    Just a quick update- I plan on restarting Youtube with the release of Mage Quest 1.0.4 and the introduction of the Quests. Nothing quite so vein as playing a quest chain you helped create! Join me as I build cool structures. Sit there in awe as I craft strange and unusual machines. Titter as I...