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    1.11 Preview

    I did this before with 1.9 so why not do it again as I find things. The snapshot that came out today claims to have "a couple of technology changes that may impact many mods." I haven't heard any specifics on what Mojang meant (other than perhaps resource pack changes), but I did find at...
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    1.9 Preview

    I thought I'd make a topic that we can post all the interesting tidbits we discover from the 1.9 snapshots. IBakedModel's getFaceQuads and getGeneralQuads methods now accept IBlockState and BlockPos as parameters. I've yet to dig through enough to discover how much Mojang is taking advantage...
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    Java Instrumentation + ASM + MultiMC

    I encountered an issue when trying to use Java Instrumentation to use ASM on LaunchWrapper while running under MultiMC, so I thought I'd leave a post to help anyone else who might have a similar problem. I realize it's not likely, since the only other mod I've ever seen that uses...
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    Resizable Launcher

    I saw a post on the FTB subreddit earlier where someone asked if FTB would make the launcher resizable. And I totally agree. Problem is, I know that this launcher will be decommissioned eventually, so I question how much effort I should waste on it. I focused specifically on the modpacks...
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    Ludum Dare

    What a weekend! I've never competed in Ludum Dare before, but I'm pretty happy with my results. I know there's other developers around here, but I don't know if anyone else participated, so I thought I'd just make a topic so that anyone can share what they made. Mine is Gems of the Deep.
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    Set Preferred Java Version?

    I noticed something by accident in the launcher. It doesn't seem to be defaulting to using my default Java 7 installation. It's using Java 6, even though the launcher itself is starting up using Java 7. I get this in my log: The FTB Launcher has found the following Java versions installed...
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    This could be fun, so let's do it. It might come as a shock, but I'm a fellow who likes to play Minecraft. I've played since back when the addition of the sponge block was the best thing ever. My friends and I would fill up our confined maps with video game sprites and junk, then we'd just...