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    Mage Quest's Feedback and Discussion thread

    For some odd reason, images aren't loading for me. But rep was removed in the latest version. I think it's STILL a beta version, but consider it stable.
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    PC spec info

    GPU doesn't matter really with Minecraft, so go for whatever fits your budget and other game library. Personally, I'd wait for the 1070. Unless you're gaming at 4k, the 1080 is overkill right now, and the 1070 beats the 980ti at a much lower price.
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    Youtuber mobs in Agrarian Skies 2

    Possibly, if headcrumbs is used for anything with HQM. Just tweak the mobs to not spawn in the config. Much safer.
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    Youtuber mobs in Agrarian Skies 2

    You can tweak the rarity of them spawning in the config files. They're quite rare, iirc
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    Is there a mod that...

    I believe it's tick rate based as well
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    Magic, magic everywhere!

    Other mod ideas- Ars Magicka 2- it had no dev in release and was pretty buggy back then. Forbidden Magic Thaumic Horizons More were considered, but were lost in a migration to Slack. That's what I can remember, At least :p
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    Magic, magic everywhere!

    There was actually a bit of conversation about adding in applied energistics, disabling energy creation (vibration chambers) and adding Thaumic Energistics to power it. Scrapped for being way too techy and making Thaumcraft almost mandatory, but definitely cool if you're throwing balance to the...
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    Mage Quest's Feedback and Discussion thread

    Pretty well. It's just removing mods that's a pain. Especially if it's involved in a quest. Or even if we're just hijacking an item for the quest marker. Edit- mods that alter the core mechnaics of any other mods that are included in the pack might also break the pack. But if you're not too...
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    The first thing....

    Digital monsters
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    FTB Mage Quest {ALPHA} Bug Reports

    There is a 1.3. It was never moved out of Beta, but is still there.
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    FTB Infinity Skyblock 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    The sprinklers from both Agricraft and Extra Utilities work wonders as well
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    FTB Infinity Skyblock 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    Odd, I've had no problems using the TE ores from the induction smelter with Agricraft. That being said, i haven't made ALL the crops, just most. If you're still having problems, try using a lexica or similar oredict exchanger. Or failing that, cheat exchange the correct ores in :p My main...
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    I Derp, You Derp, We all Derp, What's your's?

    Until you mine a branch too many. Then kiss goodbye to your floor :p
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    Open 1.0.4: FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock - Mob spawns on login

    Peaceful mode, then halfslab the hell outta the place. Or glass, if you want to be pretty. And stare into the void. But mostly pretty.
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    FTB Infinity Skyblock 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    Iirc, you can use other blocks as your crafting table as well. Immersive Engineering has a decent mid game multicrafting option, if you can figure out the multiple io for one port problem. Probably just use a chest as an intermediary, keep the orb in the machine and remove it from the pipe's...
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    Open 1.1.0: 1.1.0 ie:skyblock wroong files in client file

    As a temp workaround, try downloading the server file, and copy pasting their config and mod files into your client's files. if that causes any issues, try removing any mods that may be server side only.
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    Open 1.0.4: Wooden recipes become Uncraftable over time

    Version: 1.0.4 What is the bug: After periods of elongated play, the recipes involving certain woods (usually vanilla Oak) become uncraftable. Mod & Version: FTB Lib log: Can it be repeated: Repeated twice Known Fix: Rebooting the client refreshes the recipe and...
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    HQM Help

    They *shouldn't* reset. but I've encountered bugs with HQM not saving progress after tinkering with edit mode upon reloading a map. To be safe, I try to make edits to quests in a dedicated world.