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  1. Magzie

    Modern Skyblock 3 Departed Wood Island Challenge!

    I was doing each island for my LP on this pack and got to the wood Island. While doing the video I came up with a fun little Challenge to add to the already Challenging pack. This is meant for people to have fun while play through the pack not make the pack more of a challenge. Also I don't...
  2. Magzie

    Crash On Save loading: FTB Pyramid Reborn!

    Title Crash On Save loading: FTB Pyramid Reborn! Launcher Type Twitch Desktop App Modpack FTB Pyramid Reborn Modpack version 2.1.1 Have you modified the pack? No Link to log file Details of the issue Every time I load my LP save it...
  3. Magzie

    Fixing Mouse Changes In Nfinit Skyblock

    Simple question. Please help. Have no clue how to fix this but in Nfinit Skyblock some how it changes the default mouse icons. I can not play it like that. I need my defaults back. There was some flicker going on but that was solved when I disabled Crafting Tweaks mod. Just need to know...
  4. Magzie

    FTB Presents Skyfactory 3 Single Grass Block Start Question!

    Is there a way to turn on the Pebble feature from Garden of Glass in this map in Skyfactory 3? Simple Question and to the point. Any help will be wonderful.
  5. Magzie

    Open Crash to Launcher!

    Summary of the problem Crash to Launcher! Pack Version 1.3.3 What is the bug? Connecting Transfer Node from chest to Bio generator from Mek with Transfer pipes to pipe in fuel. World will no long load. Mod & Version Extra utilities 2 1.10.2 1.1.1 Mekanismgenerators 1.10.2 Link to...
  6. Magzie

    Bug Silky touch Mattock Doesn't Silk touch MFR Rubber Tree Leaves!

    Just what I said in the title. The Silky touch mod for Tinkers Con will not silky rubber tree leaves from MFR rubber trees. They just pop off and disappear. Doesn't matter if I break them single or with Veinminer.
  7. Magzie

    Open 2.1.0: 2.2.2 Crashes When game loads.

    Version: 2.1.0 What is the bug: I was mining and teleported back to the base waypoint. I just updated to the 2.2.2 version. After loading in it crashes. When i load back in it has me in a completely different place that i have never been and then crashes. Now it will not load past the...
  8. Magzie

    TiCo, Why isn't it not included in Magic Mod Packs?

    Hello Magzie here, This is a quick discussion about why you guys think no one includs TiCo mod in to Magic based mod packs. Is TiCo really a tech mod. I always found it to be a good tool mod but for me it runs more like a magic mod then tech anyway. So what is your opinion on this. It...
  9. Magzie

    Magzies Fun Time

    How is Every one today. This is Magzie and I have done 2 seasons of short let's plays for some of the Feed The Beast Mod packs. I will be starting Magic World 2 this week some time. Untill that happens Please enjoy my Other FTB let's plays. One of which is a Skyblock map on Horizons. So...