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    Private modpack constantly crashes after startup

    Whenever I go into a world with my pack, it shows a single frame (the world hasn't loaded yet) then goes into "Shutting down internal server" then to "A fatal error has occurred, this connection is terminated" then goes back to title screen, any ideas what's causing it? Game log as there is no...
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    Need a liitle help with my save

    Hello, I just tried adding Ender IO to a modpack of my own making and it crashed quite quickly when I tried to load my world Any help? Can I have that free hug?
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    My own modpack bugs (1.7.2)

    Hey guys, I'm not particularly sure where to put this so I'll put it here. Whenever I try open up a world in my own mod pack I get this error. Any ideas guys?
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    Division Sigil - Activation

    I'm trying to activate my division sigil in AS and It keeps saying I don't have enough earth, which makes me wonder... How much dirt do I need EXACTLY?
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    Making your own pack

    I was thinking that today should be the day I make my own 1.7 pack! *cough* and cry about millions of bugs *cough*... And, WOW bug- No bugs? I confuzled, how did that work.
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    Ram Allocation

    Is there anyway to allocate more than 768mb of ram but less than 1gb? Whenever I try it snaps to the nearest one. I'm running a 32-bit computer and I get an error whenever I go upto 1 gb.
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    Blood magic potion brewing

    I've been playing with Blood magic in Agrarian skies and I've been wondering... What can I use in potion brewing, I've found so far: Feather - Flight ....That's it.
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    IC2 Download

    Hello, can anybody find the 1.6.4 download for IC2. I've been looking around for a while and can only find the experimental 1.7.2 version... *hides for such a simple question*.*Does 1 more search after posting* Found it -_- Had to search for the exact...
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    Building guides

    Hello! Just wondering, is there anyway to make the building guide show it's ghost blocks when you're not looking at it?
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    TiC error

    Hello, I know this will probably be moved, but I don't know where to put it. I made my own mod pack and tinkerer's construct seems to give me an error every time I try to launch Minecraft As you can tell I'm trying to use the dev version, it works with the stable version but.... Dev versions...
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    Ars magica 2 - Accelerate

    Hello guys! I've been playing around with Ars magica 2 for a while and I've been loving it! I read that the accelerate spell could speed up your machines, but it doesn't work for me. I have 2 separate vanilla furnaces, 1 is being fired with beam, wall, projectile, zone ect. Spells with...
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    Ticking entity

    I keep getting a ticking entity crash, this isn't an ftb pack so I probably wont get official help but my minecraft forum account is currently bugging out so i can't put it there.
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    TREES!... How tall are they?

    Hello everybody! I was wondering on how big I should make my tree enclosure, and i want to know how tall the tallest tree (that you can get with Forestry or Extra Trees) is?
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    Tinkerer's config

    Is there any option in Tinkerer's construct's config that allows me to disable a certain liquid (molten ender)? If not, any way to somehow get rid of it in a more annoying way?
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    [1.6.4] X-Craft Bug

    Hello all! I started making a mod pack and every once in a while I add a new mod. I'm trying to make a kickass 1.6.4 modpack with all the latest mods, but when I added the beta of Thermal Expansion it gives me an error message from forge (i think) telling me it's trying to move the molten ender...
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    Computer Craft Error!

    I'm playing around with OpenPeripheral trying to make it scan items in my chest, I thought I'd start with one. I keep getting the "attempt to index ? (a nill value)" at line 7 Error, here's my code. chest = peripheral.wrap("container_chest_0") chestInfo = chest.getStackInSlot(1) for i,j in...
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    Open Peripheral and Modems

    Hi, I'm wondering how to use Open peripheral with modems and wireless modems for my base, so I can have all my power levels displaying on my glasses. Help would be appreciated very much. Thanks