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    Is there a changelog for the 1.0.7 version of FTB Unstable 1.12 anywhere?

    Just wondering if it'll take a day or two or something.
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    FTB Skyfactory 3 - Mobs not spawning in farm

    Hello, (wow, I haven't been here in a while) I built a small mob farm in my Sky Factory 3 world. It was spawning mobs the last time I played, but now it isn't. The only "technical" thing I've changed was switch to an alpha version of Curse to use the new Minecraft launcher. I have tried...
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    "Application Java (TM) has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware"

    Hello, (I went to the tech support forum section, but realized that was for the game acting up, not graphics, etc) (Wow, I haven't been here in a while ;p) I started up Minecraft, and I got an alert in the action center (WIN10) saying "Application Java (TM) has been blocked from accessing...
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    Help with CustomMainMenu

    I was having a bit of trouble getting the CustomMainMenu mod to change the games' main menu background.. I tried messing with the config a bit, but I couldn't get anything to work - I just got a broken texture.. Any help is appreciated :)
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    Minecraft server - Port fowarding not working

    I have been working on fixing this one issue for a WHILE... I am trying to set up a minecraft server, but the problem is, when I port fowarded, every website I visited that checks if the port is fowarded says that 25565 is closed. I have tried everything : I tried allowing the port through the...
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    Armor. Upsides and Downsides

    Everyone has their set of armor they wear. Some people wear all diamond, some wear a quantum suit, others, thaumium fortress. I am wondering what kinds of armor you guys think is better then another. (Just to clarify, "better" doesn't necessarily mean how much protection it gives.) This could be...
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    World not loading..?

    Today, I was in my Last Millennium world, doing thaumcraft stuff, and I had to go afk for a minute or two. When I came back, everything in my world was un-usable. I couldn't open chests, couldn't click the portal to the overworld, etc. I decided that it might have just been a little glitch, so I...
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    (RESOLVED)Some sort of autoclicker script (for deconstruction table)

    I would assume something like this exists... I am wondering if anyone has created a small autoclicker script that I could run and have it automatically click on the spot in the deconstruction table to gain aspects from the crafting table/other item I put into it. I know the table was created...
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    Not sure what to do next

    I haven't played my modded world in around 2-3 months, and I want to get back into it. Usually when this happens, I end up making a new world, but this time I do not want to waste all of the effort I have already put in. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas they could pass along that could...
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    Opinions on modded adventure map

    I am thinking about creating a mod pack that is centralized around it being in an adventure map. It wouldn't be like the ME maps, or like Agrarian Skies... I want to make something that is an actually adventure map, kind of like The Heist, a vanilla adventure map created by CubeHamster. (Not the...
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    Pocket Plane Dimension?

    I was looking at my console while playing FTB Infinity 1.9.0. I saw this thing about a "Pocket Plane" Dimension. I also ran the command /cofh tps and it said the dimension ID is 69. I assume it is from Extra Utilities, but I'm not sure. If anyone has any idea...
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    Draconic Evolution/EXU - Efficiency 10 book?

    Is the ability to disenchant any unstable item (shovel, sword) from EXU intended? I only have tried this with the Draconic Evolution disenchanter to get the book, not with other ones. I would assume it's a bug, because the tool doesn't TECHNICALLY have efficiency 10, but it could just be a...
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    FTB Infinity Crash

    I have been experiencing a crash while playing FTB Infinity, with some added mods. Here is the crash report. (I have backups just in case FYI.) It says 'Already Tesselating", but I have no idea what that means..
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    FTB Infinity not loading in MultiMC

    I have just updated to the latest FTB Infinity version, 1.8.2, and I have also re added other mods. (mekanism, hexcraft, and a few more.) The problem is, whenever I try to launch my instance through MultiMC I get this error: I tried reinstalling pretty much everything, but to no...
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    Transferring FTB world to Curse Voice.

    How would I go about moving my FTB Infinity world over on to curse voice? I don't want to mess it up and forget a file, for example.
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    AE2 Ore Dictionary bug?

    I have noticed that when auto crafting, for instance, solar panels, my system isn't recognizing that it can make iron nuggets, even though I have all the materials and every single pattern I need. (I checked.) I don't see how I can provide screenshots, but I will if you say what to do
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    How could I update a pack and keep added mods?

    How could I update a modpack, such as ftb infinity, and keep mods that I have added? I have no idea how many mods I added (probably like 6) and I don't want to risk losing ingame things if the message doesn't appear when I load my world that there is a mod missing. ... Buttttt I digress. Is...
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    Option to disable steam boiler explosion.

    I had 2 of my steam boilers blow up and I had no idea they could. It wasn't too big of a deal, but I'm still kinda annoyed. I'm wondering if there is a way to turn off the explosion, or at least a way to regulate it. I can't run my turbine without them and I don't see how I can regulate the...
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    Covering itemducts with no connected facade texture

    I have an area in my base where there are warp itemducts and I was wondering what ways you guys would go about covering them without making the floor look bad, because facades don't have connected textures. Here is a screen shot. The warp itemducts have to be floor level because the flux ducts...
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    Big Reactors: Turbine setups

    I was wondering if anyone has a turbine setup that could generate a good amount of RF. I'm not using a BR for steam FYI, I'm using steam boilers. Also, I have enough resources to make around 35 ludicrite blocks and I also have 29 enderium blocks. If someone could also provide a world download...