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    SpyWolf2: Sins of Two Countries [GAME THREAD]

    It all started when one nation's president called the other nation's president a wuss. It escalated to a slap fight, until someone's nose got bloody. Now it's even worse... and you've been called in to settle the insult, once and for all. At least until the nukes drop. But hey, what's done will...
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    SpyWolf2: Sins of Two Countries SIGNUP

    RULES, PEOPLE! Everyone already knows the larger meta-rules, I don't need to repeat them. Try not to ghost too much, please. Lemme know if you're in, I'll do the ping list in a bit.
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    SpyWolf: A Tale of Three Countries

    Long story short, the White Free States and Blackssia are locked in a cold war for decades. They've recently centered their espionage actions on the tiny country of Greytovia as their current battleground. Are the natives happy? Heck no. ---------------- Current Players: Vike Pyure...
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    SpyWolf Signups HERE!

    IT IS TIME TO MAKE WITH THE BLOOD SAUSAGES! ...ahem, right. New game, basic rules apply, bold your actions both in the main thread and your PMs. Please behave yourselves, I have a mercenary sniper nearby to take you to the dead convo on my orders. Rolesheet right here, read 'em and weep. Day...