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  1. MrMonsterGuy18

    Monk Mod Wither Skeleton

    So, I was playing Direwolf20, and one of the challenges in the Monk Mod was to stare into a wither skeletons eyes for a while, does anyone have any tips?
  2. MrMonsterGuy18

    What do you look for in a modpack?

    Hello internet. What specifically do you look for in a modpack to make you want to play it?
  3. MrMonsterGuy18

    (1.12.2)(Tech)Blood and Steel 2

    I’m going to be making a sequel to my 1.10.2 modpack called “Blood and Steel” the sequel will obviously be called “Blood and Steel 2.” My goal with Blood and Steel 2 is to make it harder than the first without reducing it to mindless grinding.
  4. MrMonsterGuy18

    A Hardcore Modpack In Development Thread

    Basically this is a thread for a hardcore modpack I am developing. More will be here in the future.
  5. MrMonsterGuy18

    How to make players scream

    I am making a 1.12 modpack that will be released between a few weeks and a few months. It will be a hardcore pack, and I'm trying to make my pack difficult. I'd prefer to avoid grindy way of difficulty, and I'd like to stick more to cross mod interaction. The suggestions do not need to be for a...
  6. MrMonsterGuy18

    Poor little Jeff

    Jeff only has two weeks to live. Jeff cannot die until the two weeks are up. Jeff has horrible luck. You get to decide how Jeff gets tortured.
  7. MrMonsterGuy18

    [1.11.2] [Vanill Plus] Echo's of the Past

    I have look for a vanilla plus modpack for a while. I could not find one I liked. I would find myself changing the mod list to fit my idea of vanilla plus. The end result was usually world corruption and a messy config file folder. So I simply created my own vanilla plus. I tested out 1.12, but...
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    post whatever is in your clipboard, so long as it's not nsfw. Here is mine
  9. MrMonsterGuy18

    (1.10.2)(Tech)(Curse) Blood and Steel The dead walk the world, slaying all in there path. Few colonies managed to escape the horde. Mankind used to live in underground cities. The surface held the dangers of creepers and endermen. The humans response was the zombie virus. A...
  10. MrMonsterGuy18

    1.10 Magic Mods

    What is in your opinion the best 1.10 magic mods. I would like to know because I'm thinking of making a 1.10 magic pack
  11. MrMonsterGuy18

    How was your day

    I would like to know how your day when. Mine was amazing. I was watching @JaRyCu let's play on FTB Beyond and I saw thermal foundation copper ore. I've never been this happy about copper.
  12. MrMonsterGuy18

    What is your favorite mod and why.

    Title says it all. I'll start Witchery. I really like the potion brewing, it is like the author took something almost unused in modded, and made it amazing
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    Every skyblock behind with S. Botanist Tinkerer Mechanist Cyborg Alchemist Creator Many Suns ago, the Faerie Garden decided to do an experiment. This experiment would transfer an expert Botanist to a far away land, beyond space and time. Fortunately for the them one expert Botanist...
  14. MrMonsterGuy18

    MultiMC Easter Eggs

    This thread is a list of icons that appear in the upper right hand corner of the instance by putting special names for your instance in MultiMC List Kitten (on Kitten) Enderman (On Direwolf20) found by starfang42 My Little Pony (on derp) found by Someone Else 37
  15. MrMonsterGuy18

    Are wolves useful?

    I haven't seen many people talk about wolves so I'm wondering if they are useful?
  16. MrMonsterGuy18

    Best tech modpack

    What is in your opinion the best tech modpack
  17. MrMonsterGuy18

    Looking for a tech modpack

    Hello people I have been looking for a pure tech 1.7.10 pack for a while and I haven't found one yet. will someone please help me?