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    The Quote Game

    A pretty simple game, Try find the bestest (Its a word now grammar nazis!) quote you can. You can make one up or steal one from someone on the internet. Try to give credit to who said it if you didn't say it. I'll start (of course!) "A smart man knows a tomato is a fruit, a wise man knows...
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    Good FPS?

    What is good FPS for you? For me 15 FPS is good 20 FPS is great Anything better is hard to get. So, how fast is your computer.
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    Flesh Craft-Mod In Progress

    Over the past couple of days a lot of interest has grown on a mod idea called FleshCraft. The original idea was thought up by Rautt, me and a couple of others just contributed to the idea. I will just copy and paste rautts idea for fleshcraft and put it below to avoid copyright laws. :)...
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    The first thing....

    Ok, so to play this game someone will say something and you have to say the first thing that comes to your mind when you read it. Makes sense? I'll start, Minecraft
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    Mod Author Question

    Does anyone have a list or a link to something about who made what mod? I know a couple but a list would be nice. Thanks in advanced,
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    Magic or Tech?...

    Which path do you choose? Do you unlock the wonderful secrets of wizardry and magic hopefully becoming the Mage overlord? Or do you go the other direction and toy with tech and various machines that do many strange things? Or are you the magi tech doosh who never fits in? The choice is yours...
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    Your favorite mod, and why?

    Im not sure if there is already a thread for this but i haven't found it yet, so hear we go. My favorite mod has to be galacticraft. i love everything about it. i like the models, the tiered progression system, and i especially like the new cargo rockets. I don't know why but they are just...
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    Im Cursed :(

    It seems whenever i build something BIG it always gets stuffed up somehow. For instance i had just recently finished building a awesome space station in galacticraft when i tried to go back down to earth the easy way and jump off the side. Bad mistake. Now whenever i load the world everything is...
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    Nano Zombies?!

    I was playing on a server minding my own business when a zombie wearing NANO ARMOUR flanked me from behind! It got me wondering....What strange things have you seen zombies wearing?