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    Will Computality (= fork of ComputerCraft) be added to a 1.10 / 1.11 FTB modpack?

    After the great news about Computality as ComputerCraft fork of MC 1.10/1.11 I'm intereseted if there are any plans / chances that it will be included in one of the big FTB modpacks? I assume I'm not the only one who is curious about this.
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    [Jampacked II] CC Pyramid Run

    CC PYRAMID RUN Hi there! I'm working already for a while on highly randomized game based on command computers (ComputerCraft) Now I reached a state where it makes sense to tell you about it and show you a video. and have just submitted the pack to Jampacked II :) Here is the first (and so far...
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    Unbreakable (not easily breakable) transparent blocks?

    Hi, I'm working on an adventure mode mini-game. For this I'd like to use a transparent block (ideally with connected textures) that is either not or only very hard to break. All glas types I've checked so far can be broken with a sword, that's my problem. Currently I'm thinking about using...
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    CC Turtle Programs [dome builder][platforms for sky maps] [Mob Farm] [Mansion] [automated tree farm]

    Hi there, here is Kaikaku! I love programming ComputerCraft turtles and watching them as they build houses and do other automated stuff for me. Every now and then I will post here programs and YouTube videos. The latest ComputerCraft version introduced the awesome Command Computers. For sure I...