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    MFR Harvester will not harvest. DW 10.0.23

    This is incorrect. They can perfectly output into itemducts, assuming there's an inventory with room connected to that itemduct. My usual farm setup looks like this : Also, you don't need to void the sludge. The harvester doesn't care if it fills with sludge, it's only when it fills with items...
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    Issue with the servo whitelist

    A double chest is actually 2 individual chests rendered as one. When mods needs to interface with one, they either have to write complicated code to figure out if it's a double chest, or just only interface with the chest part that the mod is connected to, and TE3 took the latter approach.
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    Whitelist Server =rTr= FTB Unleashed| Whitelist Server| v1.1.4| 18+ Community

    What is your username? Volaunis What is your name? Allan How old are you? 33 Location (State or City & Country)? Denmark Have you ever been banned? No Which mod packs are you most familiar with? Don't know about 'most familiar', but i've played extensively in Beta A, Direwolf20, Ultimate and...
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    Redpower 2 Frame Machines

    Thank you :D Of course, with the way that ores are distributed, it's not very good, as it'll only get whatever ores are in those particular layers. My latest creation was lightly based on Direwolf's use of mining wells. I made a mining rig that could move in 2 dimensions, so it dug to bedrock in...
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    Iron Tank level sensing.

    Just use a liquid sensor on the tank, and put the resulting card into a nuclear information reader from MiscPerf, that way you can get the exact amount and max storage in the tank (and thus do the percentage calculation)
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    Redpower 2 Frame Machines

    I used to have a tunnel bore : The rise and fall of the tunnel bore "Fish"
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    Noob Question

    Ah, of course :) Thanks!
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    Noob Question

    Any chance you could say what the recipe is? As you say, it's not showing up in NEI, and the image for this particular recipe is broken on MachineMuse's website. And i can't figure out what the lesser version of the energy crystal is.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Also note that the recipe is shown in the same place as the warded stone and the door. Took me a while to find it when that version of Thaumcraft came out, only to find that i already knew it because i'd already researched the warded stone.
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    Automate mystcraft portal changing?

    The Redstone API has functions for setting and reading individual cables in a bundled cable. You'd just connect the control computer directly to the turtle and have the turtle wait for a redstone event.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Yes, use the Nuclear Information Reader from MiscPeripherals, with an energy sensor card in it. Do note that theres a bug in it in the latest version so it doesn't work (but if needed, you can upgrade MiscPeripherals manually to fix it).
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    Automate mystcraft portal changing?

    In fact, you should be able to surround the book receptable with up to 5 turtles, which gives you 80 possible books.
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    Large Redpower tunnel bore in Mindcrack v7 keeps breaking.

    I had a tunnel bore that died to a dungeon somehow spawning and eating part of the tunnel bore's head. Perhaps it is something similar? Although in my case it was quite clear what had happened, as i could walk through the tunnel bore directly into the dungeon, with spawner and all.