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    It's time to get Crazy [EJCrazy]

    Good news everyone I am EJCrazy. I have been playing minecraft since 2012 in minecraft 1.4 and I have been playing FTB since minecraft 1.6. I create mod packs and my first (and currently only) mod pack on the FTB launcher is the Crazy Pack 1.7 with the pack code: CrazyPack1710 The forum thread...
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    [1.7.10] Crazy Pack 1.7 [0.1.2] Heavy Alpha

    Hello you hungry beasts (I don't know what else to call you) this is my first public mod pack while it is still in alpha I advise you to not make any survival worlds or any major contraptions which you might loose in a update but do go wild with the mods to find any bugs if you do post them in...