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    Do you struggle with "convenience" cheating?

    I hooked up wire wrong and every machine I had in that line got blown up(damn greg's exploding machine) and died with full quantum armor(fall damage was too high) I was like "this can't happen" and cheated in the machines, but it was too much, and I abandoned the world. And I hate greg since then.
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    MFR biofuel question

    Cool necro, bro....
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    Is it possible to make a leaf farm?

    Sheer turtles? Turtle everything!!!
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    Forcing Mutually Exclusive Enchantments

    It is not a problem if you uncheck locked mode.
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    Self-sustaining geothermal power?

    MFR lava fabricater makes lava with 20kMJ. BC combustion engine makes 20kMJ with lava. Dartcraft force engine with water makes 20kMJ with lava, but with milk as throttle, you will get 25kMJ with lava. But net gain is 5kMJ, and 0.25MJ/t. Maybe better off by making water mills..
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    Building an Enderman Farm

    There is indeed config for it
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    I love the Hats mod.

    Haha this is hilarious :D
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    Derp Greg. Ind. Blast Furnace MAKES ash making steel, not uses... My bad;)
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    Limited size to an ME network? (Problem reoccuring NOT fixed)

    It's 10 and not 16? My bad :)
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    Railcraft is going to be even cooler :) It is the little details that make things cooler. Maybe ash can be used to make steel?
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    Limited size to an ME network? (Problem reoccuring NOT fixed)

    oh my goodness over 700 drives.... That is 12288 disks to make to fill the drives.
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    Dartcraft: One of the most overpowered mods of our time

    I defended dartcraft when this thread was born. And now I'm watching my successors doing so. People, haters gonna hate. But don't let haters hurt bluedart because he is awesome :)
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    Anyone here from asia / oceania

    I'm Korean, and have 100Mps internet.:p Even with this super fast internet, I get lag on western server.:mad: My ping to Korea) is 48ms, but ping to creative server) is 324ms, which is longer than a minecraft tick(200ms). So I can't play on...
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    Rubber Tree Farm in DW20 1.5.2 v2 (1.1.3)

    MFR fertilizer can be crafted into forestry fertilizer thanks to Plugin for Forestry.
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    Generic Red Power Thread Title

    public class GenericThread extends FTBForum{ /** * returns love for eloraam. always true. */ public static boolean getLoveForEloraam(){ return true; } }
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    Reusing Mod Permissions

    Better safe than sorry. Illegal distribution can be such a hassle.
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    Real life Direwolf20

    Soaryn will come and put facades to all the cables and pipes lol.
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    When do you build a Gravi-chestplate/Quantum armor?

    You need... 200 Coal 338 Redstone 2 Glowstone 98 Lapis Lazuli 70 Diamonds 9 Gold 75 Force Shards (50 if you use 100 gold instead of 150 iron for them) 315 Refined Iron 150 Iron (465 if you include Refined Iron) 324 Sand smelted into Glass 84 Iridium (that's 588 UU-Matter) 432 Rubber 895 Tin...
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    Is Shiny Metal gone from Unleashed 1.1.3?

    For turtles :)
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    Is Shiny Metal gone from Unleashed 1.1.3?

    Well, not BROKEN, but WRENCHED.(it is different)