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    Whitelist Server UKZilla Team Survival is Back! | Direwolf20 1.0.23 | Team Survival | Teamspeak

    In Game Name:Guseks Age: 21 Country/Timezone: UTC+1 Why you want to join the server: I want a sever to play on, to play together with some people rather than playing SP. Have you read the rules: Yes, Epic rules! Why should we whitelist you: Im a nice friendly guy who likes to chat and help...
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    Whitelist Server Ender Effect|1.6.4 DW20 v1.0.23|Plugins|White-Listed|Mature Users|Community Ran|8GB RAM

    Minecraft Account Name: Guseks ~ Your Age: 21 ~ How active will you be? [How often do you play?]: Depends on schedule and homework but maybe 3 days a week ~ What is your preferred way to play Minecraft? [Builder, Engineer, Gatherer, Explorer, etc]: Builder/Gatherer ~ How much do you know about...
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    Whitelist Server 1.7.10 Steincraft | Direwolf20 1.6.1 | Whitelist | 32 Slots | 24/7 |Plugins| Family Friendly | TS3

    1.) IGN: Guseks 2.) Age: 21 3.) How long have you been playing Minecraft: 3 years 4.) Why do you want to join our server: Looking for a small FTB Server where i can make some friends and have a nice time while playing and exploring the game.