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    Do you use enough Brain Power..

    Sorry off topic.. But Hanging out for a decent movie and this looks good. Love Scarlet but don't think blonde suits her.
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    What's the reason behind Barrels vs Chest's being different click's? "CTRL Click" Chests for Single item. "SHIFT Click" Barrels for single item. I find it annoying! :)
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    New World DW20 1.6.4

    Enjoying a New World in DW 1.6.4 Boy came along while I was trying to think of a name for my world. Sorry to say I named it that way. Will have to look at changing it down the track. Pretty Smooth so far. I only have one gripe, well maybe two. One: I don't know wtf I'm doing, Where's my...
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    How Do I Sort My Mob Drops in Unleashed?

    I need an Equivalent to Transposers/Sorting Machine? How am I suppose to sort my Tier5 Mob spawner's without the afore mentioned Machines? :( I Am missing the Fabricator as well. I know ME probably better than the Fabricator but still learning it. It has a pattern learning machine dos it not...
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    Unleashed Villages?

    Where are they? :) Did Unleashed alter the spawn rate on Villages? I can find one:(
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    Dll Files

    Hey All, Anyone else getting two dll files with the Unleashed pack? They are just a bit in the way where they are, would be better if they could be placed inside the Unleashed folder? Dll files I am getting are for both a 32bit and 64bit system.... jacob-1.17-M2-x86.dll, jacob-1.17-M2-x64.dll
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    Ok looking for a Quick Reply,

    Jet Pack. Unleashed... Has Hover Mode Been removed or am I just using the wrong keys?
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    Looking for some Ink Farm Ideas

    They went and made it harder to make a Linking Book! Was a bit to easy! Anyone know any good ways to Gather Ink. LMAO I tried Milking them, that didn't work.
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    Kudos FTB

    Just like to say. Awsome job guys. Using FTB Unleashed have never seen Minecraft (modded) run so smoothly. Sphax 128 installed. Main plus all addons available (some not quite right, not your fault). Steady 60fps nothing upsetting it. Good to see a steady fps. Anyone else finding Unleashed...
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    Machine Or Building First?

    How do you do it? I seem to be building my building with a rough Idea of what I want to accomplish and then build my machines. Curious as to how others do it.
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    Power Directing-DW20 5.3.2

    Hi All, Looking for some ideas (direction) in setting up my Power Station. Four banks of MFSU's with 20 in each, powered by IC2 Nuclear reactor. Huge WIP as I'm rather slow with it all, and most of my base in Semi Auto (I like to be involved in keeping things running). I'm no electrician and...
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    Lets See Some Mob Farms

    Today I decided my PC is over a yr old warrant on parts is over, so why not OC it a bit. Moved from 3.8 to about 4.3 ghz. Didn't really notice the difference to tell the truth. But thought I'd make a vid anyway. Lets face it converting a 6gig file to around 78mb is always gonna be more stressful...
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    Contemplating Installation

    Have a few ROM's from games gone by. Was looking at my Removable Drive contents today, and spied my Emulators Folder. Considering a fresh Game Of Shining Force II. Any others had fun with this one?
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    Ok saw a post the other day (which I can't seem to find now) which had an Airship using Frames and Motors 6 directional which was powered by BC batteries from an enderchest in the Overworld. Video link..... Awsome, due the fact this can work in the Nether without the need for sunlight. Yes...
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    IC2 Sounds

    Hey All, Looking to get Sound working for IC2 within DW20 1.5.1 Have checked IC2 Mod Within DW20 1.5.1 and the Sounds I like to hear are in there, but Don't want to play while Ingame. Checked the IC2.cfg and there's only the one reference to EnableSound=True Cant' quite remember but thought...
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    Invisible Enderman?

    Anyone else been terrorized by an Invisible Enderman. It's happen to me twice now! Very Strange. Normally the show up just fine!
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    DW20-5.2.1 Significant Changes?

    Anyone else getting what seems to be a huge Improvement on a Local Server after 5.2.1 release DW20? I am using but I was using it with 5.2.0 as well. Everything just seems smoother since update. Sorry if there is a Change Log I have no idea where it's located.
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    How Many Quarries?

    Someone give me a Number. Local Server. ATM I have two max sized quarries running. How Many Are U running? Copper seems to be more elusive than Diamond in my game. Yet electronic circuits take so much copper it anit funny.
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    F9 Key

    Hi, Not sure if this was an update on the DW20 5.2.0 pack Or My stupidity in installing IE10 from MS updates. Nothing but problems since, MS exchange work server not letting me follow links etc. Will have to try a Reset on the Browser. Have Uninstalled IE10 and reverted to IE9 but have not...
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    Strange Bug?

    Ok, So started my local server up today and came across something strange. I certainly didn't put them there, is this another "Raining Chickens Thing?" A Cake with a Torch ontop at every Portal. No it's not my Birthday lmao. Anyone else getting or had this? Edit: Sorry should mention it's...