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    Closed Liquid Translocators and Casting Basin weird interaction

    Summary of the problem Liquid Translocators and Casting Basin weird interaction Pack Version 1.0.1 What is the bug? So i'm trying to use LT instead of Seared Fauced to pour molten metals / seared stone into the casting basin quicker. At first, everything is fine, but after block...
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    What would YOU change about BuildCraft?

    Little request about facades: 1) How about to do something like EnderIO did - just one universal facade entity with changeable texture? NEI pages, ugh... 2) Or just add a shapeless recipe with block to switch one (two, three... up to eight) facade(s) into another type. Little requests about...
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    Request Tree Farm Help

    Botania setup, woohoo xD Also thaumcraft golems with lumberjack axe or axe of the stream.
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    Infinite Emc Using thermal expansion

    1 Sugarcane (32 EMC) into 2 sugar (32*2 EMC) in pulverizer. Also botania clayconia flower turning sand into clayball.
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    How can I nullify knockback inflicted to mke?

    Thermal Foundation armor, Platina.
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    Never do this

    But endoflames have x2 burnspeed. So just 6.4 hours.
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    Looking for an Infinity server to play on.

    Psst, dude. Wanna some custom infinity? :3
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    Request Basic+ to Intermediate AE2?

    1) You need to learn channels and channels tricks. For example, Storage Bus + ME Interface for infinite storage and p2p-tunnels for using autocrafting anywhere. 2) You need to learn everything else. Every goddamn feature of the mod, just open NEI and check out every single item (except for...
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    [1.7.10] AgriCraft

    Yep, Bonsai. (Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers)
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    [1.7.10] AgriCraft

    How about to add a tiny trees? Will be nice another (and pretty balanced) way to get wood. Also, i think, one crop block is better for perfomance, than tree multiblock.
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    FTB Horizons: Daybreaker Discussion

    Any ETA for Curse version of pack?
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    The Truly Terrible Jokes/Puns Thread

    When did you saw this punctuation mark last time? Probably a couple years ago. :3 They are good in stealth.
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    Request Looking For a Friendly Infinity Server Very small list of banned items (iirc, only chunkloaders and dimension creating is forbidden), piece of useful server-mods, stable online, quiet and frienly community. We also have TS server, IRC and Curse chat. The only problem: this is whitelist server. :3
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    Mod-of-the-Month: June 2015

    I think would be fair to choose not only one but some of leader mods. Like one core-mod and two sub-mods. Really interested to see cross-mod crafting mechanics. Then the first round thread will be longer than "They make you lose count".
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    Destroy the Chest V.2/spin-off

    The anvil falls on top of chest with no visible damage, blocking down the lid. Congratulations, you've just add yet another lock. I'm using the anvil to combine Diamond Axe with Efficiency enchantment book and trying to chop off a single sliver from this goddamn container.
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    Easy way to automate AE2 Inscribers?

    Here comes guide! Stats: Mods: AE2. Yep, pure AE. Speed: slow, upgradeable to medium. Size: 3x3x4 + additional cables. Channels: 1 external (8+7 internal). Patterns: 3 processing patterns: [silicon+redstone+material=processor]. You will need: - Basic ME system with energy acceptor or vibration...
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    Mod Feedback Thermal Series Design/Feedback

    How can you craft round bucket in square world? It's all about shape. :3 So finally air(wind) and earth(stone) essence. First probably for speed, second for hardness. New recipes for augments? :3 Tempestic Transformer, using primal liquids for changing biomes? Oh, oh, oh! Eroseum Demolisher...
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    Project: Victus - Experimental Pack

    Ok, sure, fine, then i recommend to add some kind of statictics about already existed classes (online and offline) for medium/big/huge servers. WIll be pretty useful for newcomers.
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    Project: Victus - Experimental Pack

    There is difference between progression and unchangeable choiсe. Second way is actually not that bad... When game is about short sessions, replayability and new class or unique skills combination on each walkthrough. MC is not about that, imo.
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    Project: Victus - Experimental Pack

    Naaaaah, this is bad idea. Every restriction in sandbox game is worst idea ever. Who even want to be permanently unable to do 3/4 of stuff in game, where normally you can do anything? What if your friend suddenly leave because of internet/rl problems? At least, how about some levels of...