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    [1.7.10] Material Energy^4

    Is there a way to limit the range of an enderthermic pump? I was trying to drain the cryotheium in the biosphere but its also draining the reactor. And upon investigating, it also drained the lava and water I had in the Observatory...
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    [1.6.4]Crash Landing [Hardcore, HQM] version 1.1.x BETA STABLE

    Hey I'm not sure if its been reported, but (in 1.1.1) every time I make peanut butter cookies I get an empty glass bottle.
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    F7 and F9 stopped working?

    I know this might sound silly but is your f lock key toggled?
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    I got those before when I changed my anti-aliasing from 'use application settings' to well anything lol
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    Excessive Lag Only in part of my Base

    I have a laggy part of my base too. I determined it was my three bulelctric engines that I had there. Once I removed them it made that area run a lot more smoothly. I now have them in an area I hardly ever go to.
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    Help! How do I empty a squeezer?!

    The honey is saved in the pipette so you can click in it back in the same way you took it out, if the tank is empty.
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    How to spawn a Legend Oak Tree?

    Is the spawn tree command just for forestry trees? I don't really know any of the console commands. But anyway if it is only for forestry then it's not going to work since extrabiomes is what adds that tree.
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    Fermenter & Accepting two forms of liquid

    Just pipe it in. The tank has to be empty tho. You canuse a pipette to get the tiny but that sometimes gets left over
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    Exporting exact number of item

    The only way I managed to do what you are trying is to use a Redpower Sorting Machine. I have AE supply a chest with all the dusts and what not and then I had Redpower pull out the exact amount. I then have AE pull the results out of the machine
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    Partial mod compatibility?

    When you disable forestry be sure to disable extra bees as well
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    [unsolved] EE3 Problem :/

    I've been having a pretty similar problem for a long time now. I kinda chalked it up to manually updating other mods. But I really have no idea why.
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    Just had an idea...

    See I feel the exact opposite of that. I was just like 'really? Nuclear powers is just a glorified steam generator'. But yeah I agree, it has all been refinement. Finding a more efficient way of spinning a turbine.
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    Need some ideas

    Build a villager breading farm then find a volcano and use mystcraft portals to sacrifice the villagers to the fire deity Pele.
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    Just had an idea...

    Did anyone else feel rather disappointed when they learned that? I know I was when I found out like 10 years ago. I can never see them in the same light...
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    Factorization Power

    Well since it'd alive. What's this about an energy bridge?
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    Automating the Forestry Moistener

    Ah yes that should work. Thanks!
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    Automating the Forestry Moistener

    Hate to revive an old thread but how did you get it set up with RP? According to the wiki it's not suppose to let wheat get pulled out, unfortunately my retriever didn't read the wiki it seems.
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    Applied Energistics and Barrels

    You can just connect the storage bus to the back of the barrel and it allows you to access the contents.
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    Good mods to add to a server.

    AtomicStryker also has battle towers! But I'd tweak the configs to make them a little more rare. Also, be careful with the planes mod. I was experimenting with it before and ended up killing myself about three times with it. Each time I was trying to exit the plane while on the ground
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    how do i get the repair enchantment on a book?

    Awhile back I used NEI to put repair on a diamond sword. It didn't seem to repair it though. A good tell if it is working is the tool going up and down in your hand as the damage value changes.