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    FTB Pyramid Reborn - Blue team biomass issue

    When attempting to complete the biomass quest the computer doesn't update. This is due to a black hole tank containing some 107 buckets of petrotheum. I have fixed this by removing the petrotheum into a drum, but had to break the "rule" of not modifying the reward island.
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    Hot out of the oven Crash Landing Let's play ^.^

    Hello and welcome to my adventure on the desert planet of Dune, I'll be keeping myself safe and surviving as best I can along side you guys. Version of the pack is 1.1.2 Feel free to leave comments and suggestions, ask questions and make friends!, please no rudeness, let's keep it family...
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    Hello everyone ^.^

    I'm a 21+ y/o, friends call me Dee. Pretty much a newbie to FTB, I want to learn more about the packs and how they work but I'm too much of a chicken to play alone in "normal". I'd love to meet new friends (18+) to play with and preferably someone that I can learn from and enjoy this wonderful...