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    Whitelist Server Fusion-Servers |Private/Public Servers | FTB Infinity | 1.3.4 | No Banned Items |

    IGN: shadowkiller44 Age:12 Timezome:Mumbai(India) (optional)Extra info:I wanna join you guys becuz whitelist servers hav good terrain instead of smashed and they help
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    Open Server Infinity 1.7 Server, Need members, 24/7 no downtime.

    application What is your age? 10 (giv me a chance) Are you able to speak english? yes fluently(spelling mistakes may accour) Do you Agree to follow the ftb server rules? yes sure What is your minecraft username? shadowkiller44 (no caps) why do you want to join our ftb server? i want a whitelist...
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    Whitelist Server InfinityCraft|FTB Infinity 1.2.0|Whitelist|24/7 DEDI|14GB.

    IGN:shadowkiller44 (no caps) Skype(pref): mail me ill tell Age:10 (let me a chance) Where do you live?:mahrashtra,india Timezone:idk ill search later How long hav you been playing mods?:2 years Why do you want to join this server:i need a good lag less server in black list the terrain is broken...
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    i need a whitelist ftb infinity server

    i need a whitelist ftb infinity server