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    Closed 1.0.0: Endless leveling Bug

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: 1. Get a few Flowers (20-25 Dandelions) 2. Aim at the ground (must be dirt) 3. Hold Rightclick and Leftclick 4. Go AFK or simply watch as your Animus Level levels up endlessly. Mod & Version: AdventofAscension, Latest. log: Can it be...
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    Rebuild the Universe [Free]

    This here is a free minmaxing maths simulator about physics and rebuilding a universe. Neat to play on the side when you'r waiting for something or someone and have nothing better to do. Play here : Discussion Subreddit ...
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    New Server Monetisation Guidelines by Mojang

    Self explanatory. They dropped the bomb. Will become effective from August 1st onward.
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    Frankly, why no 1.6?

    The only counterargument that has come up until recently is that they need to refine the modpacks before distributing to a wide audience. I have several problems with that: 1. NOT EVEN ONE modpack by FTB was ever stable, not totally bug-ridden and/or server/user friendly at all. The nature of...
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    Dartcraft, why even? Why is this even in the modpack AND enabled by default?